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The Bachelorette

What Are Nick, Rachel, Jaclyn, and Ed Up To? Bachelor Pad 3 Finalists Talk Future Plans

Do you ever wonder what the wayward souls from Bachelor Pad 3 are doing with their lives? Aside from hanging out with teenagers at Sweet Sixteen birthday parties (thou shalt not judge), Nick, Jaclyn, Ed, Rachel and Chris are keeping busy! The fab five found time to dish with RealityWanted about their future plans, and we've rounded up the highlights.

Nick: "I am pursuing more of a hosting type career. If I were to be on TV, it would be in that aspect. I did the reality television awards in LA, it was small but it was good just to speak. I have some speaking engagements coming up. I've done daytime co-hosting."

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Rachel: "I'm working at Ralph Lauren right now and kind of new there. I feel like I have a double life. I have my job there, and then balance my interviews and stuff on the side. Right now, this is the fun part. I love being associated with the show. I had a blast doing the show, even the outcome wasn't what I wanted. Right now, this is a fun side thing for me."

Ed: "There's like one thing right now that's brewing with a couple other guys from reality shows, some buddies of mine. If it happens, I'll consider it. They're a thousand times crazier than I am. I would probably die in that process."

Jaclyn: "For me, I've always been very career focused. I was kind of in a funk when I applied to Bachelor and then Bachelor Pad came up. Normal life is my priority. I don't think you're going to be a winner if you constantly try to date and bone Bachelor people. I'm just in the real world and hoping to find an investment banker or something, not like a fitness model or personal trainer with $250,000."

Ohhh, snap! Wonder who Jaclyn could be talking about....

Source: RealityWanted