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Jersey Shore

Which Jersey Shore Star Was Roger Mathews in Bed With Today? (Hint: It’s Not JWOWW…)

Should JWOWW be watching her back? After all, her fiancé Roger Mathews was sharing his bed with another Jersey Shore star today…

So who’s the one cozying up in JWOWW’s well-claimed territory?

Put down the spiked heel guidettes — it’s just Ronnie!

As part of a running Twitter gig between JWOWW, Snooki and Roger — kicked off by JWOWW herself bragging about cuddling up with his dog Diesel and followed by Snooki on having baby Lorenzo in bed — Roger tweeted to JWOWW and Snooks “Laying in bed with Ronnie. Jealous?”

Forget “T-shirt time.” Bromance begins in bed these days! And it’s a smelly place to be, apparently.

Like any good wife-to-be, JWOWW warned her man of her former roomie’s odors, writing “he has awful protein farts.” Ronnie teased back not to fear, his new bedfellow “clenches” for him. How romantic.

Ah, the things that do entertain us all.

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Source: @RogerMathewsNJ, @Snooki, @JENNIWOWW, @RogerMatthewsNJ

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