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Will Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson Team Up on Revenge? Actress Madeleine Stowe Weighs In! (VIDEO)

The only good thing about Victoria Grayson in a log cabin (apart from the “rustic” decor) was seeing the potential for a “Vemily” tag team. Revenge’s two leading ladies are equally powerful and dangerous.

It’s only natural that we’d want to see them team up and combine their wickedness for one common goal. But would these two opposing forces ever work together? According to actress Madeleine Stowe, this dynamic duo could be happening sooner than you’d think!

“It’s very possible,” she said in a video interview with The Golden Globe Awards. “What’s happening right now, we’ll see how the story develops, they are unwittingly working toward the same end, because I can’t know her identity and she knows a little bit about what I’m doing, but she doesn’t know about what Conrad and I are now going to start plotting.”

Hmm, could this “plotting” have something to do with Conrad and Vicki’s impending nuptials? Oh Madeleine, you’re such a tease!

Do you think that Emily and Victoria will ever team up? Weigh in below!

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