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7 Best Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 5, Episode 4: “Murder, He Wrote”

This week on Castle, Rick and Kate are asked to help out on a homicide investigation during their romantic weekend in the Hamptons. Knowing that solving the case is the only way to get some relaxation, they agree. Well, Castle agrees; Beckett doesn't have much of a choice.

"Murder, He Wrote" was was our first opportunity to see how they would interact as a couple. And if this is any indication, we want more!

Check out our top Caskett moments from Castle Season 5, Episode 4: “Murder He Wrote.” Be sure to add your favorites in the comments.

7. Castles Talks Beckett Into Helping the Chief!

Chief Brady asks Beckett for her help when he realizes he caught the wrong guy and the killer is still at large. Beckett is internally foaming at the mouth, because this request comes 2 hours after she and Castle were held in lockup for interfering in the investigation. Her classic eye roll says, “No way, pal.” But Castle guilts Beckett into helping bring justice to the Hamptons.

At least we know they can compromise, even though Beckett clearly lost.

6. Beckett Cooks For Castle!

We haven’t really seen Beckett be all that domestic, but she knows the way to a man’s heart. Castle had no clue, and compliments her on her culinary skills. “You should pay more attention, Castle,” says Beckett as she coyly looks over at him. Guess he didn’t need that reservation after all!

We should also mention that a member of the city’s most notorious crime families was also a dinner guest. And he, too, approves of the meat sauce.

5. Beckett Forgets Her Swimsuit!

Ready to get the weekend officially started, Castle and Beckett head out to the pool for a late-night swim. Well, we’re not exactly sure how much swimming they'd planned on doing …

Beckett conveniently forgot her suit and drops her robe to surprise Castle. She's not bashful in the slightest — well, until the guy covered in blood stumbles in and ruins all the fun. Not again.

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4. Beckett Goes on Tour, Doesn’t Want to Be Another Groupie!

Castle shows Beckett around his Hamptons home, but something isn’t right. She can’t help but wonder about all of the other woman that have taken the same tour, only to become another notch on Castle’s bedpost. Surprisingly, Castle doesn’t crack a joke; he’s wholeheartedly serious. While he can’t deny that he has brought other women up there, he looks Beckett deep in the eyes, grabs her by the hand, and says that none of the other women were her.

Castle’s not the same guy who strutted into the precinct four year ago. He’s ready. And so are we.

3. Caskett Is the New Brangelina!

Castle hangs up with Esposito and Ryan, as Beckett ponders why the boys care so much about who she is dating. After comparing themselves to Brangelina, Castle settles on Caskett. "Ooh, that’s good," he says, "'cause of the whole murder thing — caskett.”

Brangelina are still going strong, Beckett. He could have compared you guys to TomKat. Just saying.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

2. Beckett and Castle in Bed

The case is finally closed, and Caskett can enjoy the last few hours before heading back to the city. Beckett saved the best of her clothing options for last, dressed in sexy black lingerie. As she climbs into bed with Castle, she plants the longest kiss of the season on him. So worth the wait!

1. Castle and Beckett’s Detective Foreplay!

We’ve seen what happens when these two get caught up in their detective foreplay, only to realize they're standing in the middle of the precinct. Awkward!

But when Castle and Beckett are in-sync in private, things really heat up. Passion and pressure mount, as they figure out why the victim was killed in the Hamptons, and not NYC. They go tit for tat solving pieces of the murder mystery. And just when they are about to do it — excuse us, solve it — Kate tells her beau to call Ryan and Esposito.

Cold shower, anyone?

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