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Arrow Recap of Season 1, Episode 2, “Honor Thy Father”: Daddy Issues, Girl Talk, and Sabotage

In the latest chapter of Arrow, Oliver Queen continued his quest to purge Starling City of ne’er-do-wells, did his best to rekindle a relationship with his ex Laurel (Katie Cassidy), and (sorta) tried to reconnect with his family. But that’s to say nothing of the second episode’s significant twists and turns. Read on...

  • After pulling another Emily Thorne and outing one of Starling City’s (many) corrupt businessmen, Arrow is the subject of a media frenzy. “This guy gets more airtime than the Kardashians,” Oliver observes.
  • Oliver goes to the courthouse to legally declare himself alive. There, he encounters Laurel, who still feels spurned after their last conversation. But she’s busy trying a case against a murderous drug smuggler named Martin Summers.
  • Arrow ambushes Summers and demands that he confess, snarling, “You failed this city.” Remember when Oliver’s father admitted to failing the city during the last episode? Arrow is getting all deep on us, folks!
  • Oliver’s mother and sister both tear him a new one, yelling at him for disappearing every so often and for not being more open.
  • Detective Lance (Laurel’s daddy) tries to get information from Summers about the green-hooded man who attacked him, but Summers recants his story and even threatens violence against Lance and Laurel.
  • Meanwhile, Oliver refuses a job in his father’s corporation.
  • Finally heeding his family’s advice to open up, he heads to Laurel’s place to do something he dreamt of doing with her every day of his exile. We all assume it’s sex, but it turns out he just wants to eat ice cream with her. Huh.
  • As they gorge themselves, assassins led by a fierce-looking China White — hired by Summers — attack the duo. Oliver’s bodyguard, Dig, shows up just in time to ward off the assassins but is suspicious of Oliver’s knife-throwing prowess. Safe to say that, for Dig, the jig is almost up!
  • Lance shows up, like, five minutes past the nick of time. And instead of thanking Oliver for saving Laurel’s life, Lance tells him to stay away from her. Nice guy, that Lance.
  • Now that he’s super-riled, Oliver confronts Summers as Arrow but is attacked by China White again. (Them’s the drawbacks of having dual personas!) Our least favorite detective annoyingly shows up and confronts Arrow, letting China White escape. Arrow shoots an arrow at Det. Lance’s gun before fleeing, and Lance realizes that the arrow contains a full confession written by Summers. Style points to you, Oliver.
  • Oliver attends a dedication ceremony for the building built in his father’s name, but he pretends to be drunk when he talks to the media so that they can finally stop expecting him to carry on his dad’s legacy. But Laurel is there, too, and she gets very judgy.
  • Moira, Oliver’s mother, meets with a shady figure in a shady car and assures that person that Oliver has no idea that the shipwreck was the result of — gasp! — sabotage. The person then gazes upon some probably-significant circular symbol.
  • In flashbacks, we learn that Oliver brought his dead father’s body ashore on Purgatory following the shipwreck and found a notebook full of intel in his dad’s pocket, which — in addition to the “revengenda” — contains that same mysterious symbol.
  • Also, in the midst of Oliver’s little Purgatory pity party over his dead pa, a hooded inhabitant of the island shoots him in the shoulder with an arrow. Oh, hello, obligatory origin-story mentor!

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