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Does Amanda Clarke Die in Revenge Season 2, Episode 4: “Intuition”?

UPDATE: To find out Amanda's fate, CLICK HERE!

We’re still three painfully-long days out from a new episode of Revenge, and this week’s wait is particularly tough because as far as we can tell, someone’s life is in the balance.

Did you just drop your Alaskan king crab leg in surprise? Then clearly you haven’t been keeping up to date with our spoilers! But we’re not quite as vindictive as Victoria, so we’ll happily catch you up.

First up on our revengenda: Someone near and dear to Jack Porter, Charlotte Grayson, and Emily Thorne is in the hospital. The mystery person’s status is so dire that it has reduced all of the involved parties to tears.

Hmm, we wonder who that could be. Could it be the mother of Jack’s baby, the half-sister to Charlotte, and the evil twin/mother to Emily’s godchild? Yes folks, one Amanda Clarke is in the ER and things aren’t looking too good for her and her impending bundle of joy.

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What put her there, you may ask? Well we aren’t exactly doctors, but chances are it’s a direct result of falling off the Grayson’s balcony. Whoops! At her baby shower, Fauxmanda takes a tumble in a big way going backwards off the upstairs railing as Victoria looks on.

We later see Victoria on the floor with her hands covered in blood! Yikes!

But is Amanda doomed to die or to lose the baby? Originally we thought she would have a miscarriage, and we had some pretty well-researched reasons, if we say so ourselves!

We know that in this episode a doctor will help “the patient’s loved ones to make the best decision.” Initially we thought that could mean the decision to save the baby or save the mother, but then a spoiler came out about baby Carl David’s baptism.

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Sure, the show is morbid, but we have a feeling that they’re not going to baptize a dead baby. So does that mean that Amanda’s a goner? Originally we thought that must be the case, but recent spoilers indicate that storyline is a no-go too!

Here’s why:

Last month we learned that Emily won’t reveal her true identity to her mother. Executive producer Melissa Loy said “It’s a little bit heartbreaking, the relationship she starts building with Amanda Clarke is very telling of what she should be doing with Emily because she thinks this other girl is her daughter.”

Thus far, Kara hasn’t met Fauxmanda, so there’s no way these two could have built a relationship.

We also know that actress Margarita Levieva is signed on to appear in a minimum of seven of the first 14 episodes of this season. This Sunday’s episode will be the fourth, so unless she’s in a coma, she’s not going anywhere.

Which leaves us concerned and confused, Revengers! What will happen after Fauxmanda’s fall? Will someone die? Tell us what you think below!

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10.18.2012 / 11:07 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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