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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Santana Wants Quinn to End Her Friendship With [Spoiler]

Are Glee’s Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Kitty (Becca Tobin) about to become besties? Just thinking about the havoc these two could cause together is making us tremble with fear.

We know that Quinn will be back in Lima for Thanksgiving, and we had also heard that she and new Cheerio/hellraiser Kitty will share scenes. Now, TV Line is revealing that Quinn will become friendly with Kitty and will take Kitty “under her wing.” That’s right: Quinn and Quinn 2.0, together at last.

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So will Quinn be encouraging Kitty to chill out a little bit more, or will Quinn be assisting in Kitty’s apparent quest to rule the school? We’re not quite sure, but we’re betting on the latter.

As for evidence that Quinn and Kitty will be up to no good? The partnership is rubbing at least one person the wrong way — and it’s a fellow member of the Unholy Trinity, no less. As it turns out, “Santana has a real problem” with Quinn spending quality time with Kitty.

But why isn’t Santana on Team Quitty? Well, we don’t know how to put this politely, but Kitty “has been doing something literally and figuratively crappy to Brit.” Um — gross! Perhaps Sue has let Kitty borrow her infamous recipe for dog-poop cookies?

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So it’s borderline devastating that Quinn will finally return to McKinley but won’t be getting along with Santana or Brittany (Heather Morris). But the fact that Santana is willing to confront Quinn on Brittany’s behalf seems like a surefire sign that Santana still has strong feelings for the Britster. That’s at least a silver lining amidst all this chaos — and right now, we’ll take any silver linings we can get!

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