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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Joe Gorga Reveals His Stripper Past and More WTF Moments From The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Reunion, Part 3

We know what you're thinking: How can we possibly pick only five WTF moments for any given Housewives episode? Admittedly, this is one challenging task, but we’ve managed to narrow it down.

Read on for our WTF picks for The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Reunion, Part 3.

5. Jacqueline's Volume

So does Jacqueline Laurita have a hearing problem suddenly? Every time she got the floor, her vocal volume went up to an 11. We guess in that room, though, you gotta work hard if you wanna be heard.

4. Juicy Joe and Ham Sandwiches

Teresa Giudice's husband was in rare form at the reunion. Not only did he who-cares every question that came his way, he also was all whatever about the fact that he might end up in prison for 10 years. His thoughts? Even a ham sandwich can get indicted. What?

3. Kim D. Claims Convenience

When Andy Cohen invited Kim D. to the reunion, it was for one question only: Did she set up Melissa Gorga and, more importantly, was Teresa in on it? First off, she claimed that the whole thing wasn't a setup but merely convenience because things fall in her lap. Um, when you call up Melissa to make amends with her and insist that she show up at your event, only to make her the target of your evil plan, that's a setup. As far as Teresa, she knew, but she didn't know? She knew Melissa was the target, but she didn't know the exact topic of the attack? Come on.

2. Richie's Wood Discussion

Please, can we never see blurred images of Richie Wakile's junk again? We really don't care if it's a natural thing or if it serves as Kathy Wakile's alarm clock — the conversation surrounding his nether regions needs to stop. And we're pretty sure his kids will agree with us.

1. Will the Real Stripper Please Stand Up?

After accusations flying that Melissa used to be a stripper like a million years ago — in the words of Juicy Joe, "Who cares?" — and then that Jacqueline was a dancer in Vegas, we loved finding out that Joe Gorga actually was a Chippendale dancer back in college. Although, we weren't nearly as delighted with the news as Andy Cohen was.

Do you agree with our picks?