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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: 10 Major Clues From Pretty Dirty Secrets

The cast and crew of Pretty Little Liars were very clever to create Pretty Dirty Secrets, the chilling web series that satisfied fans’ need for all things PLL in between the Season 3 summer finale (Season 3, Episode 12: “The Lady Killer”) and the Halloween episode (Season 3, Episode 13: “This Is a Dark Ride”, airing October 23). So what did we learn from all 8 episodes?

Here are 10 of the biggest clues.

Jason, CeCe, and Alison. In Episode 2, CeCe attempts to make nice with Jason (Drew Van Acker), who she used to date. When she gets pushback, she mocks his former drinking problem, and he tells her, “You and Alison [Sasha Pieterse] deserve each other.” Why would he talk about his dead sister in the present tense?

Shana’s not on the “A” team. Shana (Aeriel Miranda) may have made a lot of mysterious calls from her post at the Halloween shop, but after she left one day, “A” snuck in and stole the security camera footage. Clearly, Shana wasn’t in on the plan.

The Vivian Darkbloom connection. That creepy demented doll costume? “A” is extremely interested in who’s wearing it. We’re extremely interested too, especially since she left the shop in a coat that looks just like Vivan Darkbloom’s (aka Alison’s).

Credit: Adam Rose/ ABC Family    

“A”’s Halloween plans. Not only will “A” be on the Halloween ghost train, but it looks like he or she might kill someone on it.

Shana knows Paige. After seeing her missed calls, we notice that she and Paige (Lindsey Shaw) are in touch.

Lucas is working with the baby monsters. Whoever is still wearing those hideous baby monster costumes is also trading information with Lucas. Is it the “A” team, or another, more sinister group?

Noel has “bigger plans.” When Shana asks Noel (Brant Daugherty) about his Halloween plans, he says that he won’t be doing his annual Kahn house party this year because he has “bigger plans.” Do those plans include torturing the Liars on the ghost train?

Shana has an Alison connection. We learn early on that Shana has a connection to Alison. As fans will recall, Alison had luggage tags from “Hilton Head” in South Carolina in a flashback inSeason 1, Episode 12: “Salt Meets Wound.” Shana grew up in South Carolina.

Someone is calling Garrett’s mom. And they’re leaving creepy, breathy messages.

Garrett wants to talk to Jenna. He may have just been exonerated for two murders, but Garrett still has his schoolboy crush to deal with. He’s looking for her, and we have a feeling he’ll find her in the Halloween episode.

Don’t miss the next new episode of PLL, the Halloween special, on Tuesday, October 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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