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5 Ways the Hamptons Would Be Affected if Amanda and Jack’s Baby Died on Revenge

In case you haven’t heard, Revengers, Sunday night’s episode is set to be a big one. Fauxmanda Clarke takes a major tumble off the second-floor balcony in Grayson Manor leaving blood on Victoria’s hands and a sobbing Jack Porter in the hospital.

With the many spoilers and theories, we’re still in the dark about the outcome of Mandy’s mishap, but things aren’t looking too good.

If she does, in fact, lose baby Carl David, we’re guaranteed to have a sob fest, but here are five other people that may be affected in light of the lost child.

1) Jack Would Return to Amanda

As serious as he was last episode about calling it quits with his baby mama, this tragic event would likely bring out Jack’s most vulnerable and loyal side. He’d definitely want to care for his childhood sweetheart after she went through such a painful loss.

2) Declan Would Stop Thieving

D-Unit was sweating finances ever since his little nephew was announced. So naturally he turned to ransacking millionaire’s homes to put some extra cash in The Stowaway’s lobster bank. But if one good thing comes from the loss of this baby, it’s that the Decster can retire his leather thief gloves and return to a life of worrying about Charlotte.

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3) Charlotte Could Turn to Pills Again

Though this youngster seems to be doing much better these days, the loss of the nephew she always wanted could send her over the edge again. And then it’s back to trading sexual favors for pain pills. Yikes!

4) Kara Wallace Clarke May Return

We’re not entirely sure why Emily’s mommy not-so-dearest has been on the DL since Ems was a tiny tot, but if she thought her only daughter had lost a child, she might make an appearance.

5) Victoria Will Be Back in the Media Spotlight Once More

This whole showdown happened in Grayson Manor, and from the looks of Fauxmanda’s fall, Victoria was involved in some way. If she didn’t push her, the media could certainly have a field day with that. Guess that overly-dramatic press conference from last week was just the beginning of things!

What do you think would happen if Amanda lost the baby? Tell us your theories below!

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