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Glee Season 4: Finchel and Klaine Reunite in the Grease Episode — and It’s “Very Emotional”!

Seeing an ex for the first time after a breakup is always awkward. (Uh, it’s not just us, right?) And it looks like that will definitely be true for the first time Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) reunite post-breakup on Glee.

Lea Michele tells The Hollywood Reporter that Rachel and Kurt (Chris Colfer) visit McKinley to see the production of Grease that Finn is directing and Blaine (Darren Criss) is acting in. “It's the first time they've seen them since the breakups.” Lea says. “It's a very emotional return to McKinley.”

Okay, we’re not surprised that it would be emotional but is it good emotional or bad emotional? Well, we’re thinking the latter. “It definitely isn't simple,” Lea says about Finchel’s reunion. “It's filled with a lot of weird emotions, as all breakups are.”

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But as tough as it will be for Rachel to deal with the break-up in the short term, Lea thinks Rachel’s life is heading in the direction that it needs to. “It is important for people to also see Rachel independent and single,” Lea says.

Another downside to filming these awkward breakup scenes? The fact that Lea has to act in them opposite her real-life boyfriend, Cory Monteith. “I love working with Cory and feel like I do a lot of my best work with him, so that part sucks,” she admits.

Rachel might not have Finn by her side for the time being, but she’ll definitely have her bestie Kurt through thick and thin. “We go into it where Rachel is the rock for Kurt, and then it switches and Kurt becomes the rock for Rachel,” Lea says.

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Lea also reveals that Rachel and Kurt will stay in NYC Thanksgiving and host Kurt’s new Vogue mentor at their place for a big feast. “Isabelle comes over and invites some amazing and fabulous fashionistas to our apartment, and we sing one of Chris Colfer's favorite songs by the Scissor Sisters,” she says.

So the Scissor Sisters will be performed on Glee? Talk about the most fabulous Thanksgiving ever!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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