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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Kurt and Blaine DO Break Up For Real — But It Could Be a Good Thing!

Is it possible to be happy about the Klaine cheating incident from Glee SSeason 4, Episode 4: “The Break-Up”? Because we certainly aren’t happy about it, but it sounds like a certain cast member on the show feels it was for the best.

Jane Lynch (Sue) tells the Philippine Daily Inquirer that Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) need to take some time to discover who each of them is on their own. “Blaine is trying to find his own identity at McKinley without Kurt. Kurt will do the same in New York,” Jane says. “I think it’s good for everybody that they’re breaking up. They’re still young, and they have so much to do.”

Credit: Jordin Althaus/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

First of all, it’s not good for everybody that Klaine isn’t getting along — because it’s not good for us, and that’s all that matters. [Insert pouty face here.] And secondly, did Jane just spill the beans by letting us know that Klaine is in fact going to officially break up? Say it ain’t so! Our world is crashing down around us! (Air! We need air!)

“Darren’s character, Blaine, and Kurt broke up. That happened recently,” Jane tells the Inquirer. Since neither of them made it official during Episode 4, we figured the couple might still have a chance. Guess we got our hopes up for nothing.

On a happier note, Jane says we’ll have plenty of chances to get our Blaine fix in the coming episodes. “Darren has numbers in every episode,” she says. “I mean, we’re using Darren’s talent.”

And Jane apparently loves Darren almost as much as we do. “Darren is just amazing,” Jane says. “Did you see the episode where he sang ‘Teenage Dream’? He played the piano, and it was shot live! It wasn’t prerecorded.”

Credit: GLEEonFOX on Twitter    

Jane enjoys the fact that Sue is so unpredictable, but she appreciates that her character can actually say something sensible once in awhile. “Sometimes, I’m the voice of supreme reason, sometimes deep empathy, and sometimes viciousness and cruelty,” she says. “Although this season, and I love this, I’m actually giving Will good advice.”

Sue giving Schue good advice? First time for everything, we suppose.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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