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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, Episode 3 Recap: Callie Hits Her Breaking Point, Jackson and April Hook Up

Although it didn’t make us cry or emotionally scar us nearly as much as the previous two episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Season 9, Episode 3: “Love the One You’re With” certainly took us through a range of emotions. We cried, we laughed, and we renewed our love for Dr. Feeny (William Daniels). Boy Meets World, anyone?

So as it turns out, during the past several months, April (Sarah Drew) has been praying to Justin Timberlake for forgiveness (naturally), Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) has been perfecting the arts of the silent treatment and the guilt trip, and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) has been pondering the effects of the plane crash. And now, it’s time to test all of their efforts.

The first test: Should the doctors agree to a settlement for the plane crash or move forward with the investigation? We know, it’s a hard decision. So hard in fact that it requires a lot of deliberation, a little sex and even a visit to the remains of the very plane that killed Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and Mark (Eric Dane) before Owen (Kevin McKidd), Callie (Sara Ramirez), Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Derek can come to a decision. And despite the intrigue of a ton of money (the amount, we do not know, but these world-class surgeons seem to be impressed so ...), Derek convinces everyone that it’s better to find out what went wrong so as to save more lives in the future. Leave it to McDreamy to consider the lives of others.

The second test: Can April remain a re-virgin? According to the hot ginger, she is revirginizing and at least attempting to forget all about what happened between her and Jackson (Jesse Williams). Or as he puts it, pretending that it never happened. But after she and Jackson help to remove excess skin from a previously obese patient so that she can finally have sex with her fiancé, they’re taken back to their first night together (in a weird/endearing way). Needless to say, April and Jackson hook up … again. We guess she’ll have to settle for being a re-nonvirgin? You get the point.

Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC    

The third test: Will Arizona ever forgive Callie? Apparently, Arizona keeps herself occupied nowadays by throwing things at nurses and making Callie feel absolutely horrible. But after Arizona fires yet another nurse and, as a result, is left to sit in a pool of her own urine (she can’t make it to the toilet by herself), Callie decides enough is enough. And in the episode’s most heartbreaking scene, Callie forces Arizona into the shower, and for the first time, Arizona realizes that she’s not in this alone.

Elsewhere in Seattle, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) notices what pigs her one-time interns (plus Jackson and April) are and realizes it’s time for her to move on from day-after-day appendectomies to something greater. Well, not so much realizes as is given an uplifting speech from Richard (James Pickens Jr.). Turns out that your only child letting go of your hand on his way to Kindergarten can mean that you’ve got one more hand to work with to, we don’t know, invent The Bailey Method? We’d say she’s already kind of done that, but it was a great speech regardless, Richard.

Just down the hall from Richard’s speech, new intern Jo struggles to get her attending’s attention, mostly because her attending is Alex (Justin Chambers) and Callie told him to stop ruining the lives of his interns by sleeping with them. And we all know that if Alex can’t sleep with you, he has no idea how to communicate. So in an act of desperation, Jo lets her hair down (literally) and attempts to hit on Callie. She fails … probably because Jo likes men. Out of options, she turns to tears (again), but this time they work. Maybe Alex is going soft. And then there’s the little known fact that he’s slept with ALL of her friends, so perhaps guilty is the better word?

Outside of the hospital, Derek and Meredith have officially moved into the dream house. And by officially, we mean that they’ve, um, consummated the new location. All we have to say is that it is nearly as dreamy as the man who built it. And if the house had hair, we bet it would be fantastic.

Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC    

In Minnesota, the patients are as cheery (and annoying) as the surgeons, and Cristina actually learns something from the old guy (Dr. Feeny). Turns out, he’s kind of an awesome surgeon. Oh, and he too was in a plane crash. The two of them bond in between Cristina’s phone conversations with Owen. Yep, they’re chatting again! Well, until they decide to stop chatting again ...

But in a completely uncharacteristic fashion, Cristina ends the episode crying on a bench outside the hospital where Feeny (Yes, we refuse to learn his real name.) offers her a handkerchief. They bond.

Other happenings: We’re introduced to a frustrating patient with a nearly severed foot, and Cristina says the word “jeggings.”

What did you all think of the episode? Are Cristina and Owen on the mend? Is Arizona? Did Derek lead the doctor’s in the right direction by convincing them to turn down the settlement from the airline?

We’ll see you next week when Arizona walks (?!), and Cristina sleeps with a co-worker who is NOT Owen (?!).

Catch the next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, October 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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