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Pretty Little Liars

Huge Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Did Chad Lowe Just Reveal That [SPOILER] Dies? (UPDATE)

If you’re like us (aka obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, and therefore, Spoby), and you freaked out a little (or a lot) at the idea that Toby (Keegan Allen) could potentially join Mona (Janel Parrish) at Radley Sanatorium one day, you might want to prepare yourself.

No really, take a second. Trust us. You want to.

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And here’s why: Oh No They Didn’t! recently posted a video from Celebuzz in which Chad Lowe (Byron Montgomery) talks about the hush-hush writing process of PLL. And when speaking about the writers and their secrets, he lets this slip.

“I’ve asked the writers … what happened to Toby, who killed Toby...”

Sorry. Come again?! Did he just say “who killed Toby”? We sincerely hope Chad misspoke, which could be what happened due to the speed at which he was talking. However, what if he didn’t? After all, Toby is male.

As if his “A” team reveal wasn’t bad enough, now we have to think about his possible death? What would Rosewood be like without Toby … other than just a little bit flabbier?

Could you handle it if he died? Could Spencer (Troian Bellisario)?! Hit the comments with all of your theories, thoughts, emotions, etc. We all need to talk this one out before our heads explode.

Keep in mind, however, that one of the Liars will find out that Toby is on the “A” team in Season 3, Episode 16: "Misery Loves Company." Somehow we doubt that they’ll find out post-mortem.

UPDATE: On October 18, PLL writer Andy Reaser clarified Chad's comments. He tweeted, "At the end of 3A we filmed several alternate endings to maintain secrecy... we did the same in one in the cast knows who dies."

Don’t miss the next new episode of PLL, the Halloween special, on Tuesday, October 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Source: Celebuzz via Oh No They Didn’t!; @AndyReaser

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