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Jenelle Evans Slams 16 and Pregnant’s Danielle Cunningham For Bashing Leah Messer!

This year's presidential election is almost upon us (vote, ladies with babies!), and MTV's whack pack of Teen Moms are all kinds of riled up. Most of these gals are keeping their political opinions hush-hush, but Leah Messer? Aw, hells no.

This lovely lady caused quite the controversy when she announced her opinion on welfare and tweeted: "Government assistance?? They should get rid of it. Then maybe people will WORK for a living! .. Idc"

Leah's opinion is pretty controversial, and her fellow MTV home girl, 16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham, wasn't about to let it slide. "LEAH MESSER SHUT THE F*CK UP," Danielle tweeted on October 18th. "I NO LONGER LIKE YOU!"

Yikes, them's fighting words, and unfortunately Danielle incurred Jenelle Evans' wrath. Jenelle took it to Sulia to defend her bestie, slamming Danielle in the process. "I agree with Leah actually in a way, but in another sense some people deserve it," Jenelle mused. "I think they should be making the rules more strict and have parents show proof they can't find a job and make strict rules such as that. It's too easy for people to get welfare."

So, what did Jenelley have to say about Danielle? "Danielle Cunningham didn't have to be so mean about this and call Leah out like that," she wrote. "It was very immature and uncalled for. Everyone has their opinions, but just because they don't agree with you... they don't automatically turn into your enemy."

Wow, since when did Jenelle become so wise? Clearly, her leopard-print thigh tattoo is doing wonders for her maturity level!

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10.19.2012 / 08:15 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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