[SPOILER] Wins Project Runway Season 10! Good Call? Who Should’ve Won?
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[SPOILER] Wins Project Runway Season 10! Good Call? Who Should’ve Won?

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want details on the Thursday, October 18 finale.

One-way monkey master FTW!

Dmitry Sholokhov, 33, the one-liner loving (babies = cats!), bickering "Boris" (take that, Elena Slivnyak!) of Project Runway Season 10 finally got the respect he was due... even despite those weird eyebrows on his New York Fashion Week models.

The Belarus native won Project Runway over runner-up Fabio Costa, 29. Melissa Fleis, 31, took third and Christopher Palu, 24, came in fourth — meaning even Tim Gunn would say that now is a good time for Chris to be "petulant." Chris won four challenges before the finale, which set him up as the frontrunner to win, but he didn’t even make the top two. And when we got to the top two, he really wanted Fabio to win.

It was kind of a surprise to see Fabio in the top two, considering he didn't make a huge impact for most of the season (as Heidi Klum herself admitted last week). He was a sweetheart and stretched out on the finale. But just because three other people went dark, it doesn’t mean he was a genius to go fresh and light. (He used the same color palette as Season 5 winner Leanne Marshall.) Ultimately, the judges loved Dmitry’s sexy collection... and probably his tight pants (or maybe that was just us). Burning question: Are all of his best friends gorgeous blonde women? Is that why he liked Melissa so much?

[SPOILER] Wins Project Runway Season 10! Good Call? Who Should’ve Won?
Credit: Lifetime    


DMITRY — Heidi said he put on a beautiful show and really listened to them. Michael Kors said his clothes are impeccably made and look expensive. With his gown with the feathers, it trod a little too close to costume. Nina Garcia adored the fringe jacket with the pants. She loves when he gets cooler, hipper, and more modern. She thought the yellow dress with the beading was sexy. Jennifer Hudson said she could see his story in the models, raving, "It's rich, honey." They think he’s polished and commercial with a signature.

MELISSA — Michael was in love with the jacket. He loved all of the wrinkled white leather. The only thing that struck him as strange was that she would send a girl down the runway that couldn’t walk in her dress. Jennifer Hudson liked that white dress but would’ve liked to see more tailoring in the waist instead of by the feet. Nina thought the red dress ("pretentious" blood orange!) was great. "There is coolness to your clothes," Nina said, "but at the same time they are sexy without being slutty." Jennifer thought Melissa was one of the models. They all fit together, but there was no sense of surprise for them. How would she be different from what is already out there?

CHRISTOPHER — Michael said when his first look turned the corner, it really started with “kaboom,” which is how it should be. He loved all the leather pieces. He said Christopher was the only one who really dealt with prints. The romantic gown that came out was pretty but didn’t belong with the rest of his show. Jennifer said she loved the amazing first leather/wool skirt. She wanted to buy it. Heidi said he made a lot of amazing pieces. Nina said he had the most wonderful ability to take a fabric and make it look light. He pushed himself. He wanted to give them a hard edge. She wished he had given them more romantic things, since that’s what he’s especially good at. They thought the collection was too all over the place.

FABIO — Heidi “loved, loved, loved it.” Everything else they saw was dark. His collection was very ethereal. His clothes were fluid. It was very fresh. Nina said that he listened. It looked sophisticated and cool. There’s an easiness to his clothes. Michael remakred on the pastel colors — the minute the show started he said, “Wow.” The yin-and-yang thing is working. “You made a fashion statement that was different but could be interpreted into real life.” Jennifer said he completely owned it. "The first thing that stood out to me was the colors." They made her happy. And she loves layers.

What did you think of the final collections? Were you blown away? Did you agree with the outcome? Check out all of the Season 10 finale collections here. And don’t forget: Project Runway: All Stars Season 2 starts next Thursday! Check out the cast here.

I'm disappointed!

YES! Team Dmitry FTW!