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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Songs: Music From Season 4, Episode 2, “Memorial”

Sorry, we’re still a blubbering mess after watching Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 2, “Memorial.” The candles. The bourbon. The headstone with a birthday carved into it we’re pretty sure is wrong. Basically we’re going to crawl under the covers with the final song on repeat now. Bravo to Chris Mollere, music producer, for another ugly-cry-inducing song.

Song: “Fear and Loathing”
Artist: Marina and the Diamonds
Music moment: Elena (Nina Dobrev) feeds from Damon (Ian Somerhalder)
Now the time is here / Baby you don't have to live your life in fear / And the sky is clear, is clear of fear / Don't wanna live in fear and loathing / I wanna feel like I am floating / Instead of / constantly exploding / In fear and loathing
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Fear and Loathing by Marina & The Diamonds on Grooveshark

Song: “Ungodly Hour”
Artist: The Fray
Music moment: Everyone lights lanterns, Damon goes to the cemetery
Don't talk , don't say a thing, don't say a word / 'Cause your eyes they tell me more than your words / Don't go, don't leave me now / Cause they say the best way out is through / And I am short on words knowing what's occurred / She begins to leave because of me / Her bag is now much heavier / I wish that I could carry her / But this is our ungodly hour / And I know you're leaving now / Cause I held on to my way tightly / And stay still until you know / Tomorrow finds the best way out, is through
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Ungodly Hour by The Fray on Grooveshark

Song: "Hurt"
Artist: The Gods of Macho
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Song: "Woe Is Me.... I Am Ruined"
Artist: The Lonely Forest
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Woe Is Me... I Am Ruined by The Lonely Forest on Grooveshark

Song: "Change"
Artist: Kopecky Family Band
Music moment: Elena and Stefan pop a bottle of champagne
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Song: "How Can I Keep From Singing"
Artist: St. Philips Boy's Choir
Music moment: Elena feeds on Matt in the church
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Song: "Youth Knows No Pain"
Cont'd Lykke Li
Music moment:
Jeremy comments on Connor’s ink
Youth knows no pain / Come together and join the parade / And get back what I lost in the trade / Come on get down / Make amends, make a vow

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10.19.2012 / 06:30 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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