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Will Glee’s Sunshine Corazon Join Rachel Berry at NYADA? Charice Weighs In! — Exclusive

When Sunshine Corazon departed from McKinley High after Glee Season 2, the pint-sized singer left quite a void in our lives. But luckily, her portrayer, Charice, didn’t stray too far from the Lima limelight.

In her new film, Here Comes the Boom, the powerhouse vocalist not only sings, but she also dances! Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with her at the film’s premiere at AMC Lincoln Square in New York City on Oct. 9 to find out if she’s headed back to McKinley anytime soon, or better yet, giving Rachel Berry a run for her money at NYADA!

Check out our exclusive chat with Charice below, including her “Gangnam-Style” hopes and dreams.

Wetpaint Entertainment: I know it’s been awhile, but do you have any plans to go back to Glee?
Charice: If they’d ask me again! I would if they asked me again; I would. It was really great to be a part of Glee, and I must say that this movie [Here Comes the Boom] and Glee really made people recognize me more and get the audience that I actually want. My age and everything. So if they gave me a chance, I would!

What do you think Sunshine is up to now? Would she be in New York … perhaps at NYADA, too? Maybe that’s how she runs into Rachel (Lea Michele)?
I don’t know! Rachel Berry might kill me! [Laughs] I don’t know because with this whole new look and everything, I think it would be interesting for Sunshine to come back and be more defensive than shy and everything. I think it would be great.


Do you think she would end up on Broadway or end up at NYADA? That would be a great twist!
It would be an interesting plot because Sunshine is, you know, not really that Broadway, but it would be interesting for her to do something like that. [Grabs the recorder] If you’re listening, Glee, I would do it if you asked!

It sounds like you’re still watching the show. Are you?
Of course, of course, of course! Not all of the episodes, but of course I still watch it!

What do you think of the new direction of the show, with the split between Lima and NYC?
Umm … I still love it, but I loved the first season and everything. I like it like that. But I understand, I get what they’re doing right now, and I still love it. But if you asked me to choose between Season 1 and the season now, I would choose Season 1.

Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images    

Yeah, it’s the original!
Yeah, that’s the thing — it’s the original!

And you sing in this movie, Here Comes the Boom, too. Are you planning on releasing any music?
Well, I’m still working on new music right now because I keep hearing new music and if I’m going to make music, I want to be able to not exactly compete, but release the kind of music that will be better. You know what I’m saying? Maybe write a song like “Gangham Style” or something! [Laughs]

Charice’s new film, Here Comes the Boom, is in theaters everywhere now.

Alyse Whitney is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @AlyseWhitney.

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