Will Melissa Gorga Ever Forgive Teresa Giudice? (VIDEO)
Credit: Eric Liebowitz/Bravo    
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Will Melissa Gorga Ever Forgive Teresa Giudice? (VIDEO)

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice have arguably never been in a worse place in their relationship than they are right now, and while some hoped that the Season 4 Reunion might help heal old wounds, it only succeeded in driving the sisters-in-law further apart.

Melissa was shocked at the Posche Fashion Show last summer after Teresa allegedly schemed to reveal her stripper past, and the two didn’t speak until the reunion was filmed about two months ago.

In recent interviews, Melissa has made it a point of saying that she’s “officially done” with Tre and her antics, but when a viewer asked if Melissa could ever forgive Teresa on Watch What Happens Live, she dished “I don't like to speak definitively when talking about family. I never want to say never, because deep down in my heart I love Teresa, and I know her brother loves her more than anything in the world."

“Right now I just think we need a little time to heal,” she continued. “I do believe that time heals all wounds and I think we will fix this eventually, but we need a little time and we’re just not there yet.”

To hear about Melissa’s current relationship with her in-laws, watch the video below. Were you satisfied with Melissa’s answer?