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5 Crazy Things You Might Not Know About Amber Portwood!

If you think you know all there is to know about Teen Mom Amber Portwood, think again. There's more to this hot momma than orange jumpsuits and therapeutic conversations with Dr. Drewski, and we've rounded up 5 crazy (and somewhat alarming) things you may not know about her. Real talk: Amber's life is slightly depressing, so you might want to bust out the Kleenex. Things are getting real.

1. She Has An Enormous Stomach Tattoo Of Leah
In case you aren't familiar with what lies beneath Amber's Pink by Victoria's Secret hoodies, let us enlighten you. This girl is rocking a life-sized stomach tattoo of her daughter, Leah, which is surrounded by flowers. Apparently, this tat caused Amber a lot of pain, so let's hope it was worth it!

2. She Tried to Take Her Own Life
Amber has had a rough life, and after accepting a plea bargain for domestic battery and being sentenced to 30-60 days in rehab, girl just couldn't take it any more. Poor thing went off the rails and tried to hang herself, but luckily she was on the phone with her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, at the time, and he was able to get her the help she needed.

3. She Has Hand Piercings
Why pierce your nose when you can pierce the delicate skin between your thumb and pointer finger, right guys? Amber has studs (aka dermals) on both hands, which have caused quite the controversy in Teen Mom Land. Mostly because they almost always seem 50 Shades of infected.

4. She Was 18 (Not 16!) When She Gave Birth To Leah
Despite appearing on 16 and Pregnant, Amber was 18 when she gave birth to Leah on November 12, 2008 — so she was 17 while the show was being filmed. This means Amber is a whole year older than most of her co-stars! The more you know.

5. She Had A Baby Sister Who Passed Away
Amber’s baby sister, Candace, died from SIDS when Ambs was just a kid, a traumatic event which still affects her deeply. "She died from SIDs," Amber told Dr. Drew during the Teen Mom Season 3 Reunion Special. "[I was] four or five. I remember it like I just watched a movie yesterday. I remember a stretcher coming in, I remember my mom screaming, I remember her on the edge of the bed, I remember my dad." Aww, poor Amber –– she's had such a hard time!

Did you already know these juicy details about Amber’s life? Tell us below!

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10.20.2012 / 12:15 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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