6 Revenge Characters You May Have Forgotten
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6 Revenge Characters You May Have Forgotten

With a fast-paced drama like Revenge, it's easy forget about certain characters. But that’s exactly what the show’s producers want you to do!

To give you a quick refresher, here are six characters you may have forgotten while waiting for the next episode to air.

Bill Harmon
In Revenge’s pilot episode, we were introduced to Bill Harmon, or “Uncle Bill.” As a close former friend of the late David Clarke, Bill testified against David when the time came to frame Amanda’s father for the terrorist plot. This major Wall Street player lost out when Emily and Nolan destroyed his business.

When we first met young Daniel Grayson, it was clear he had a complicated past. His biggest crime? Nearly killing a young girl in a car accident. Daniel’s reckless driving put her in a rehab center and the Graysons hushed up the incident by paying off the judge.

She’s not dead yet so there’s a good chance that she’ll be coming around soon after to make sure Daniel's life doesn’t get too comfortable.

6 Revenge Characters You May Have Forgotten
Credit: Randy Holmes/ ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Lydia Davis
This wealthy socialite lost everything in her divorce, including her Hamptons summer home to Emily Thorne. She wasn’t about to let Queen Victoria Grayson destroy her, though. After having an affair with Victoria’s husband, Conrad, Lydia threatened to announce to the audience at a fundraising event the Graysons’ involvement in the terrorist plot.

She was thrown off a building by Victoria Grayson’s P.I., Frank, but managed to survive with minimum memory loss. The last we saw of her, Lydia was boarding an explosive flight to D.C. to testify against Conrad Grayson. We hear she's a goner, but where's the body?

Frank Stevens
Madly in love with Victoria and desperate to find the answers she seeks, Frank went digging for Amanda Clarke.

He probably should have kept his nose out of Emily’s business because he took a blow to the head that ultimately killed him. Unless it’s a flashback scene, we don’t expect to see him again soon.

Warden Stiles
The seemingly kind-hearted warden helped Emily out of a tight spot. She provided her with guidance in her Amanda-Clarke-juvy days, referred her to Satoshi Takeda, and continues to have her back when things get tricky.

We expect to see her again soon.

6 Revenge Characters You May Have Forgotten
Credit: Roger Bart/ ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Mason Treadwell
This journalist-turned-writer made David Clarke a notorious household name. He tends to be Victoria’s lap dog, but who knows if his alliances will remain true. He certainly hasn’t. Emily destroyed his home and the sole copy of his latest book, but he was back as a sleezy blogger during Daniel's trial. We know he'll be back this season, but when?

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