ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 8 Recap: Prison Break, Comeback Cliffhanger!
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 8 Recap: Prison Break, Comeback Cliffhanger!

Ugh! How frustrating. Can we at least tell you what we wanted to write tonight?

There she is! Our favorite gap-toothed America's Next Top Model smizer is back! Leila Goldkuhl, whose TV journey was so rudely interrupted on Cycle 19, Episode 5, returned on Episode 8: ‘The Girl Who Comes Back.’

It was all set and ready to go, based on extreme optimism that Leila would be returning tonight. Because the episode had Cycle 19, Episode 8: “The Girl Who Comes Back” right in the title. But it was a fake-out! Technically, all the eliminated models did come back at the end of the show, but they’ll just have to stand there until next week, since Tyra Banks did not reveal the model with the highest social media scores who will re-enter the competition and head with the rest of the group to Jamaica-man. It’s possible we can save that intro for next week. But it’s also possible Leila won’t be the returning model, since Brittany Brown was eliminated tonight, and Bryanboy just said Brittany’s fans had been carrying her along. Is the sweet Disney girl popular enough to beat Leila and the other models — Jessie Rabideau, Darian Ellis, Allyssa Vuelma, Darian Ellis, Destiny Strudwick and Yvonne Powless?

Guess we’ll find out next week. In other news, Victoria Henley is even more on the outs with the remaining girls than she was on Episode 7. The judges are getting tired of her, too — and she even managed to turn off Whitney Port during the go-sees. Another reason it would be good for Leila to return is to have someone else potentially on Victoria’s side against Kristin Kagay, Laura James (who might as well just move into the Tyra Suite, she’s so in control of this season) and Kiara Belen. Besides, we’re really dying for a Laura vs. Leila finale face-off — with Nastasia Scott fighting them both for a spot in the finals, followed by Kiara, with Kristin going home next. Who are you rooting for to return and/or make the finale?

Laura did not expect to be in the bottom two during Episode 7. She said she was going to give it up to God and try to move on. Speaking of God, the group sat down before their meal at the start of the episode, held hands and prayed for anyone who needs healing to be healed. Hint! Hint! Oh there you are, Victoria! Remember, she was called out at panel on Ep 7 and Tyra said she’d be watching her, to make sure she ate and stayed healthy. The other girls were cold to her at the table. They say they care about her, but they don’t show it. Kristin told Vic, “I definitely don’t think that you’re stable enough to handle this competition.” That seems to be her hope, anyway. Kristin likes to push people. This is the girl who admitted she used to be a “mean girl” and earlier in the season she tried to get Destiny to hit her so she would be sent home. Long story short, Kristin is not a reliable source of compassion. Kiara said she tried to reach out to Victoria, but she also said she thinks Victoria is very weak. Victoria just wants to “call a truce.” It can’t be easy to be ganged up on, even by people who claim to want to help.

ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 8 Recap: Prison Break, Comeback Cliffhanger!
Credit: The CW    

Good! Go-sees are a practical gauge of modeling success. They’ll be visiting designers at Guess, Whitney Port, Charlotte Ronson, American Rag, Cecilia Cassini, and Lulu Guinness.
Kelly Cutrone explained that each designer they visit will only be allowed to book one girl, but each girl can book more than one designer. The girls were forced to travel in pairs: Brittany & Kristin, Laura & Nastasia, and Kiara & Victoria. Ah, great. More Kiara vs. Victoria drama.

Victoria has a girl crush on Whitney Port! She wanted to make a good impression and not let Kiara steamroll over her. But Whitney thought Vic was trying a little too hard. Kiara was irritated and thought Victoria’s interruptions were childish. “In the back of my mind I’m like ‘You need to chill, because this is my moment. You can take your talk and shove it up your [bleep!].” So much for Kiara wanting to be Victoria’s nurturing mother figure. Hide the wire hangers!

One designer declared Brittany too sweet and girl next door. Nastasia’s look grew on Lulu Guinness, but Nastasia was too small for Whitney Port. Designer Cecilia Cassini is only 13, but she’s been designing since she was 6. Over-achiever alert! Nastasia liked the collection and thought it was really cool. Even Cecilia thought Victoria was trying too hard. Kiara is naturally bubbly (she also seems to want to be everyone’s mom/big sister), but Vic isn’t. Cecilia thought Kristin’s walk was “a little bit too serious.” Laura cried when she thought was too late to get to Guess. But she wasn’t even too late, so … why the tears? Laura does cry a lot, doesn’t she. Not an ugly cry sob like Victoria on the phone with her mom, but just anytime anything goes remotely wrong, or right, Laura cries.

• Cecilia picked Kiara.
• Lulu picked Nastasia.
• Charlotte picked Kristin.
• Whitney picked Laura.
• Guess picked Laura.

Brittany and Victoria booked nothing. Uh oh. But when you look at the overall average of scores, Nastasia was at the bottom, tied with Kristin with 6.5 points. Laura and Kiara tied at the top with 7.5 points. Kristin used to be buddies with Laura, but now she sees that Laura is basically Queen Cycle 19 Bee, so she wants to take her down.

ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 8 Recap: Prison Break, Comeback Cliffhanger!
Credit: The CW    

Jailbait! Johnny Wujek gave them serious face when they got to a prison. They actually went through the booking process and wore those ugly orange jumpsuits. What amazing new character will Victoria come up with to tell her story? Kiara was upset because, when she was 18, she got arrested for shoplifting. She didn’t tell anyone about it. Now she’s crying about it. All the tears! During the shoot, Johnny said Kiara was holding back too much. So she exploded with curses and f-bombs. As long as it fits the character... Kristin didn’t open her eyes enough. Laura’s picture made her look sexy like Evan Rachel Wood. Another good one for her. Johnny wanted to see Brittany with more of an edge. Nastasia went full-on “cholla” for her role.

As said in a thick Southern accent: “This is just unreal! I can’t party anymore. I can’t drink anymore. I’m in such big trouble.” She had to play a shoplifter, so she went all over the top. “Yes, I stole some lipstick!” Johnny said she was throwing all sorts of stuff out, she was out of control. Johnny had to talk to her about toning down the Southern and amping up the bad girl model. After that, she “nailed it.” Kristin thinks Victoria is crazy and “sucks,” but whatever. Vic’s arms do look really, really thin, though.

Models ranked in order, based on judges’ scores, challenge scores and social media scores.

1. Laura — Kelly said, “It’s hot, it’s cool, it’s badass.” She said Laura is beautiful in person but she pops even more on film. This is a great shot. Tyra said it’s an insult for a model to be told they look better in person. You always want to look better in photos. Bryanboy said Laura is a rock star and everyone loves her. “I’m so bored of it already.” Same here, honey. Bryanboy defended Kiara, saying he has doubts about Laura. PREACH IT, B-BOY! Tyra thinks it’s because Bryanboy comes from high fashion and Laura is too “pretty.” She washed her makeup off and they said she looked more model-y.

2. Kristin — Kelly thought this went up a level. Rob Evans said this is her most high fashion of the photos she took this day. Tyra wanted her to do more body language. Kristin said she worked her body as much as she could. Hold up! Tyra said H2T modeling is head to toe. She got pretty high scores for this. Meh.

3. Kiara — Kelly thought she looked so much older, like a 34-year-old woman. Rob liked the shot. She demands a lot of attention with her shots. Bryanboy likes her, but social media kills her. Some guy online said she looked sleepy or drunk. Tyra wanted more neck from her.

4. Nastasia — Kelly wasn’t so sure bout her eyes. Rob said her eyes are the only things that kill it. Tyra liked the eyes. They didn’t HAVE to pick a shot with crazy eyes. She probably had plenty of other options. Bryanboy said fans weren’t responding to the eyes.

Not cool. Both of these girls are worthy of sticking around. But neither one booked a go-see, so that is a bad sign.

Victoria — Kelly found the picture “upsetting.” She showed off a crazy Southern klepto, but it wasn’t a fashion shot. Rob said it didn’t work but at least she took a risk as a model. Tyra liked that she pushed out of her box. She wanted more eye spark. (Really?) Bryanboy said she disappointed her fans this week. Vic spoke back, saying there were some personal things going on. “I felt attacked. I felt bullied and ostracized.” Kelly jumped in and said it’s horrendous for them to bully Victoria. Did Kelly watch the footage or just take her word for it? Not saying they weren’t mean, but did the judges get to see everything behind the scenes?

Brittany — Kelly felt Brittany should’ve been able to book one of the designers. Rob wanted to like her photo but each week she seems to fall a little bit short from what he wants. Kelly didn’t love how she looked in the photo. Bryanboy said she’s one of the few girls whose fans are carrying her along. Tyra said Brittany’s body of work is stronger than this photo. This photo isn’t so bad. It’s striking. But they gave it low scores.

What was with the dramatic music before the reveal? Victoria beat out Brittany, so the Disney girl had to leave. Sad princess tears! And now Vic has to go back into the house with the girls she accused of bullying. Awwwkward!

There’s been this whole Comeback Challenge thing all season, with the eliminated girls taking photos in the same shoots as everyone else. All the eliminated girls came back into the room and they revealed who would be returning. Except they didn’t! Cliffhanger! Curveball! So no one was really eliminated at all tonight, because Brittany could potentially be the one returning. Wow, what a waste.

Catch the next episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition on Friday, October 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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