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The Voice

Does the Increased Contestant Pool on The Voice Season 3 Hurt the Musician’s Air Time and Exposure?

By now, we’re well into the epic greatness that is The Voice Season 3, and with it comes battle rounds, bickering judges, and exotic birds. And we’re loving the show so much that our one major complaint is not getting to see enough of it!

With this season’s increased contestant pool (from 12 to 16 per team) comes a series of what we like to call “monotonous montages.” This series of unfortunate events first happened in the blind auditions when NBC skimmed past 3 to 4 performances in under one minute.

And now that the team size has increased, the battle rounds have received a similar treatment, with three major battles being reduced to less than two minutes total last week.

Thus far, contestants Laura Vivas, Adanna Duru, Ben Taub, and Lisa Scinta have received less than one minute of total airtime on the show, with both their blind auditions and battle rounds cut short. Laura is the only one moving on from her battle after beating pop duo Beat Frequency last week.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the singer after her battle round performance, and though she remained positive, it was clear she wasn’t pleased with her limited exposure on the show.

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

“It does make you feel a little bit hurt inside,” Laura admitted. “I do believe that fewer contestants would be better. Especially after listening to the comments that fans make. They’re hurt because they’re deprived the chance to see everyone’s performance, and it’s not just me they’re complaining about.”

Laura thinks that less contestants will only improve the show and the morale of its contestants.

“Honestly I think it just would have been smarter to keep it with fewer contestants just so everybody could have their opportunity to shine,” she said. “Everybody has put so much of their heart and soul into this. So much time and so much passion.”

And Laura’s concerns are definitely valid ones. At the end of this season’s battle rounds, we’ll still have 40 remaining contestants. And though the knockout rounds, which take place in the last week in October, will bring the contestant pool down to 20, there’s still a lot of people to go through.

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Lucky for Laura, she gets to move on, but 15-year-old Adanna Duru from Team Adam left The Voice last week with little to show for it.

“It's pretty disappointing what happened tonight — that I was montaged again, not that I was eliminated — but I will say that I had an amazing experience on the show,” Adanna wrote on her Facebook page. “I thank God every day for giving me this opportunity, as well as my family who was there to support me through it all. No one can ever take that away.”

And by limiting these contestants’ airtime, NBC is almost limiting their chance at world-wide exposure. Take the talented Lisa Scinta from Team Christina. After we barely got a chance to hear her perform, we were shocked to listen to her impressive collection of music on SoundCloud.

Sure, not every contestant can be “the voice,” but shouldn’t the show at least give them the opportunity to showcase their gifts? Tell us what you think below!

Rachel McRady is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @rachelmcrady.

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10.20.2012 / 01:15 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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