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Glee’s Lea Michele: Prepare for an “Awesome” Revelation About Brody and Cassandra’s History

Glee newbie Brody (Dean Geyer) seems to know Rachel’s (Lea Michele) NYADA dance instructor Cassandra (Kate Hudson) rather well but just how well does he know her?

Brody has been all kinds of amazing ever since Rachel first met him (and his abs) as he exited the shower. But Brody’s also been a bit of a mystery man, as he hasn’t really divulged much about his exes. So could he be hiding a shocking ex from Rachel?

Lea Michele was asked by The Hollywood Reporter if in fact Brody and Cassandra have ever hooked up, and Lea certainly did not give a definite no. “You’ll see,” Lea replies while laughing. But we don’t want to see we want to know now!

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Although Lea is trying her best to be coy, she does drop some pretty big hints about the possibility of a Brossandra relationship. “I had a feeling about that from the beginning,” Lea says. “How it works out is unlike anything you can imagine — it's pretty awesome.”

So does the fact that Lea “had a feeling” about Brody and Cassandra mean that her feeling was proven correct? It sounds as though that’s what she’s hinting at. And if it’s true, we can’t say we really blame Cassandra. The man is beyond perfection.

Plus, recent episodes have seemingly included a few hints that Brody and Cassandra might have history. For example, our eyebrows were raised in “Britney 2.0” when Brody agrees to attend Rachel’s class with her despite the fact that it would upset Cassandra. And Cassandra’s comment about Brody helping the ingenues was certainly suggestive.

And speaking of Rachel-Brody news, Lea says there are plenty of surprises in store for the two of them, despite the fact that Finn (Cory Monteith) is throwing a wrench in things. “Brody is understanding of what Rachel needs to do with Finn, but he definitely is also on his own path,” she says.

Whether that path has anything to do with Cassandra remains to be seen.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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