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Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 3: Our In-Depth Analysis of The “Dirty Rotten Scandals” Promo

Fashion shows are always a time for celebration... at least, for some. On the Upper East Side, however, it looks like there’s about to be a high fashion throwdown. Watch out, kids, this one’s gonna get catty.

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Blair: “I need somebody to feature as the face of Waldorf Designs”
B is calling Serena for help? Good luck, Ms. Waldorf. You kicked her out of the Waldorf modeling game back in Season 1 — what makes you think she’d jump back in? Oh yeah, and don’t you remember when S had you escorted out of her Gala last week?

Sage: “You’ll get me in”
Based on Serena’s raised eyebrows (love the top, hate the face), and Sage’s determination to take down S now that she’s dating the little troublemaker’s dad, we’d say this isn’t going to go very well... for either of them.

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Steven: “This means a lot”
We get that he spent a lot of time with a wholesome family on 7th Heaven, but Steven’s continued “good guy” thing is really getting old. Not to mention, he must be blind if he doesn’t see the tension between his new girlie and his little girl.

Sage: “I have a feeling tonight’s going to be very memorable.”
Looks like the younger Spence got her way, because she’s ambling down the runway like a pro. As for that outfit? We’re not so sure.

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Serena: “Sounds like there’s a ‘but’ coming?”
Oh good, we are all now felons because we just saw Sage take her clothes off and girlfriend is only seventeen. Ew. We’re gonna go shower away our feelings.

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10.20.2012 / 04:12 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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