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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Slams Former Co-Star Angelina As a “Pigeon Bitch” For Her Anti-Gay Remarks

JWOWW to the rescue! The Jersey Shore star — who never shies away from an opportunity to speak her mind — has responded to her former co-star’s anti-marriage equality statements.

Angelina you f***ing skank FYI I shouldn't even breathe your name right now but I must,” Jenni tweeted. “Gays have every to get married and have families. Who the f**k are u saying they don't?! I should smack that disgusting pig mouth of yours for talking s**t about gay rights. But I won't because you would enjoy that too much! I'll just be sure to send u pics of my gay best friends wedding... Pigeon bitch.”

In case you missed it, Angelina took part in some sort of online "celebrity debate” where she offered up her opinions on marriage equality. It turns out, the star isn’t very fond of gay people and thinks that they shouldn’t have the right to marry.

“I don't think gays should be married,” Angelina said at the time. “If you want to date each other fine, see what works. In the end, they should marry their other type. You know what I mean, if you're male, marry a female, if you're a female, marry a male.”

Ugh. Ew. Gross.

Good on JWOWW, who is a huge gay rights supporter, for speaking out against Angelina. Hopefully Angelina can slink away quietly back into obscurity after this.

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