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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Brandi Glanville Records a Rap For NW Magazine — and It Will Blow Your Mind

Watch your back, Nicki Minaj. There’s a new rapper in town, and she goes by the name of... Brandizzle?

Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBrandi Glanville has recorded a rap to promote NW, an Australian celebrity gossip magazine, and it just might be the most amazing thing ever. (Sorry, Dana Wilkey’s “$25,000.”)

In the video, Brandi prefaces the rap by saying, “You guys all know I’m gangster.” Of course we do, Brandi. Keep in mind that she’s saying this while wearing a koala hat (presumably in homage to NW’s home country).

Brandi then puts on a pair of sunglasses (because rappers need to be concerned with UV protection at all times) and then introduces us to her new identity, rapping: “My name is Brandizzle and I’m here to say, NW readers have a dope day.” As we said: It’s amazing.

We would have loved to see Brandi lay down a few more verses, but she keeps the rap short and sweet. She encourages us all to “just f**king chill” and then signs out with, “Juices, people.” Juices, indeed.

As this video is clearly the highlight of our day and maybe our entire lives, it’s hard to decide what we liked most about it. Is it her hilarious getup? Is it the name Brandizzle? Her hand movements as she sways to the beat in her head? We can’t pick just one! Needless to say, this video is just one more reason why Brandi is our favorite person of all time.

And in closing: Juices, people.

Source: Whosay

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