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Revenge’s Christa Allen: “Conrad Is a Sick Mess” and “Victoria Is a Bumbling Teenager”

As children we were always taught to respect our elders, but when your elders are Conrad and Victoria Grayson, does the same lesson apply? Revenge actress Christa Allen doesn’t seem to think so.

The 20-year-old is currently playing recovering pill-popper Charlotte Grayson, who we are happy to report has started to grow a spine this season. Christa recently spoke with The Insider about her new and improved role this season and her impression of Charlotte’s domineering parents.

Though Char used to be a major daddy’s girl, things have definitely changed this season.

“Conrad is a sick mess,” Christa said. “I think he’s truly twisted.”

But what about the Ice Queen herself? Isn’t Victoria much more evil?

“No, I disagree!” she said. “I think there is a goodness in Victoria. Through all the horrible things she does, I think somewhere deep down there’s a good motive ... Victoria is kind of like a bumbling teenager in the way that she makes mistakes, like her affair with David Clarke. I think she’s well-intended.”

And with this new-found independence, will Charlotte be suiting up to enact vengeance with Emily Thorne this season?

“I absolutely think that would be a brilliant angle to explore,” Christa said. “The thing is, I feel like, at this point, Charlotte and her mother are pretty well bonded. Even through all the madness. So once it comes out that Emily Thorne is really Amanda Clarke, and therefore Charlotte's sister, she'll have to make a decision between her mother and Emily, who are mortal enemies.”

Who do you think Charlotte would pick if she had to decide between Emily and Victoria? Weigh in below!

Source: The Insider

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