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The Vampire Diaries

Top 10 OMG Moments From The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 2, “Memorial”

We love those moments on The Vampire Diaries that make us gasp, pause, and rewind — and Season 4, Episode 2, “Memorial” is chock full of them. Here are the scenes that left our jaws agape.

10. Elena meets her first meal
It wasn’t fine dining. Or fun. After arguing with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) about the animal plan, Stefan (Paul Wesley) takes Elena (Nina Dobrev) venison hunting. It takes a bit of coaching but, she pounces and feeds on a small doe. Only, she can’t finish everything on her plate and she let’s the deer go. And Elena’s post-dinner face is not a pretty sight. Blood streaming down her mouth, she stands, trembling, disgusted with herself. “Don’t worry. He’ll heal,” Stefan promises. Yeah. But will she?

9. Connor shoots Tyler
New dude don’t play. After Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) hand sizzles, failing Connor Jordan’s (Todd Williams) shake-my-hand test, the slayer whips out a pistol and fires — bang-bang, bang, bang, bang! Ty falls. His mother screams. Connor reloads. Before he can discharge a second round, the hybrid rises and runs, crashing through his living room window.

8. Elena loses her lunch
Drinking from Damon was supposed to work. But it doesn’t. Or maybe there’s just something about April (Grace Phipps). Either way, when Elena touches the girl she used to babysit to comfort her, the sensation of April’s pulse sends her reeling. Nauseated, Elena runs to the bathroom in the church basement. What follows is an upchuck of epic proportions. Our girl spews Salvatore blood in the toilet, on the floor, in the sink, and on the mirror. When she finishes, she stands, trembling, heaving, and staring at her reflection in the mirror. And, that look on her face. The way tears well in her eyes and the way she flushes with disgust as she fingers her bloodstained dress… If that’s not an Emmy-worthy moment. We don’t know what is.

7. Connor fights Damon
The new hunter has skills. As Damon pulls Connor from the cab of his truck, the slayer fires. When the vampire disarms him and throws him on the ground, Connor goes Greek wrestler on a bloodsucker and ends up on top with a wooden stake in his hand. And it’s pointed at Damon’s heart.

6. Elena feeds on Damon
Was it getting hot in there, or was it just the way Damon’s eyes rolled back in his head as Elena went at the palm of his hand like it was a juicy steak? As he stroked her hair, Damon really seemed to be enjoying himself. She just looked famished.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2012 The CW Network    

5. Damon crosses himself
Sometimes the little things thrill us most. As Damon enters the church for the Founder’s Council memorial service, he dips his fingers in the holy water in the basin by the door. Smirking a little, he crosses himself. “I don’t know why that always makes me smile,” he says. The moment lasts for maybe eight seconds. But we’ll remember it for the rest of this season.

4. Connor shoots Tyler (again)
The scene is tense. As April bleeds through the floor, Connor sits, weapon-raised in the church balcony, waiting for one of the vampires to turn around. No one does. Tyler, Caroline (Candice Accola), Damon, Stefan, and Elena all know it’s a trap. But when it seems like a trembling, malnourished E might heed the call of the blood, Tyler heads to the podium “to say a few words about Pastor Young.” He is a living, breathing distraction. The hybrid gets only a few sentences out before the slayer fires. The stake sends Ty reeling. Talk about taking one for the team!

3. Elena changes April’s mind
“I’m going to be OK. You’re going to help me,” April says as Elena compels her to forget that a man stabbed her, her former babysitter tried to eat her, and captain of the cheer squad force-fed her blood all during her father’s funeral. It is an act of kindness, complemented by a side of crazy when Elena makes a newbie error and tells the teen that it was a beautiful service. Guess she forgot about the whole Tyler shooting — or, as Matt (Zach Roerig) titled it “Altar boy goes postal.”

2. Elena dines on Matt
Elena is literally starving. With the amount of vomiting she’s been doing, we’d think she’s pregnant (if that were possible for a vamp). But no, what she really needs is a human blood bag. Her buddy Matt will do nicely. (He’s already feeling guilty for living through the car wreck that killed her.) In the middle of the church service, Elena, on the verge of vamping out thanks to the smell of April’s blood, takes a nibble from Matt’s neck. Please join us in a chorus of “That’s What Friends Are For.”

1. Alaric’s ghost
In a vulnerable moment, Damon goes down to Alaric’s (Matt Davis) grave to drink and vent about having to “babysit the kids.” He’s been feeling lonely all episode, refusing to let anyone sit in Alaric’s seat at the bar. As Damon paces back and forth, Alaric’s ghost appears, unbeknownst to Damon, laughing at his friend’s jokes. “I miss you too, buddy,” Alaric says, even though Damon can’t hear him.

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