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Was It Wrong of Emily Thorne to Lie About the Paternity of Amanda’s Baby on Revenge?

Ms. Emily Thorne has done some pretty shady things over the course of her stay in the Hamptons. But our favorite leading lady on Revenge hit a new low in Season 2, Episode 2, “Resurrection,” when she informed Amanda Clarke that Jack was not the baby daddy, even though we all know he really is.

In the words of Nolan Ross, “That’s dark. Even for you.”

And in the words of Lauren Conrad, ''If you do a really shady thing, be like, 'I was shady.'”

Fauxmanda is still under the impression that Jack is not that baby’s father, which allows Emily to manipulate her, but could also potentially cause this unstable ex-stripper to go off the deep end (or the Grayson’s balcony).

But was it really a tactical move on Emily’s part, or is she just pissed that her trampy twin got knocked up by her childhood sweetheart? If that’s the case, then no shame, Ems, we’ve all been there.

Do you think it was wrong of Emily to lie about the baby’s paternity? Weigh in below!

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10.20.2012 / 09:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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