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Why Robert Pattinson Took Kristen Stewart Back: Is He “Scared” of Dating?

Being famous is not an easy thing to deal with. And being super, ridiculously Twilight-star famous is another thing entirely. Perhaps that’s the reason why Robert Pattinson took Kristen Stewart back?

According to Hollywood Life, a new source close to the couple said, “…the reason Rob has decided on taking her back is that they have been together for so long and became worldwide stars together and Rob feels that he can not have that connection with anyone else.”

We can certainly understand that. If people think couples bond when they attend four years of college together, can you imagine what Rob and Kristen’s relationship must have been like? However, the source also mentioned Rob’s fear of looking elsewhere for love.

“He really loves her and is scared [of] what others might do to him in a relationship. He thinks that they might use him or have different intentions. He is comfortable with Kristen, and he is happy with her, and she knows it. He feels that she is the best for him,” the source said.

That’s also valid. Being famous can make people do crazy things. We’re sure it’s hard to know if someone loves you or your money.

But is that a good enough excuse for Rob to take Kristen back? Or do you think there’s something else at play here?

Source: Hollywood Life

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