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Kate Gosselin Gets Offered a New TV Show — But She Would Have to Appear Naked!

You may have never thought to yourself, "I can't wait to find out what Kate Gosselin looks like naked." But you may get to see just that, if a certain porn company gets its wish.

Former reality TV star Kate Gosselin was fired this week from her job as a blogger for, with the CEO claiming that she was "simply not a good fit." But now Kate has received a new job offer.

Kate received a letter from porn company Vivid Entertainment, offering her a job as a "naked host" for its new cable division, VividTV, according to TMZ. Apparently, she wouldn't have to be nude all the time, and the company would work around her schedule so that she can have plenty of time with her kids. And here you thought that porn companies weren't family friendly!

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Kate — former star of Jon & Kate Plus Eight and Dancing With The Stars — might not seem like an obvious pick for the gig, but Vivid founder Steven Hirsch says she is their leading candidate. He refers to her as "beautiful" and says that his viewers would appreciate her "perkiness." (Wink wink.)

Steven Hirsch says to Kate in the letter, "We have binders of women who would love the job, but you're definitely our first choice." No word on how Mitt Romney would feel about his "binders" quote being used in such a context.

What do you think should Kate take the job? We're thinking there's a 0.0001% chance she would ever do this given that it's not the best example for a mom of eight to be setting but we do know that she loves publicity. So who knows?

Source: TMZ

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