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Once Upon a Time

10 Burning Questions From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 4: “The Crocodile”

We love all of Once Upon a Time’s many, many mysteries, but sometimes it seems like each episode introduces more questions than it answers. To that end, we’ve tackled the ten biggest questions from this week’s season premiere in order to make sense of everything that happened. Here are ten questions from Season 2, Episode 4: “The Crocodile.”

1. Why did the Blue Fairy not know about Smee’s magic bean?
When the Blue Fairy gives Baelfire a magic bean in Season 1, she says it’s the last known bean of its kind. So we wonder where Smee got his magic bean, and why it is that the Blue Fairy didn’t know about it. Could even more magic beans exist? Also, interesting fact: This is the most times that the word “bean” has ever been used in one paragraph, outside of the popular bean magazine, Legume Weekly. (Please note: Legume Weekly is not a real magazine.)

It’s also interesting that the Blue Fairy’s bean was supposed to lead to a world without magic, but Smee’s bean takes Hook to Neverland, and saying that Neverland is a land without magic is like saying that Lindsay Lohan lives a life without turmoil. Which brings us to our next question...

2. Could Baelfire be Peter Pan?
This would be pretty freakin’ awesome, right? To see Rumple’s son go up against Hook, who took away his mother? That said, we still feel that this would be unlikely, since Bae was so intent on finding a world without magic, and Neverland has magic coming out the you-know-what.

3. Why was Hook safe from the curse?
For some reason, Hook’s crew like Smee, for example were carried to Storybrooke by the curse, but not Hook. Heck, Hook hasn’t even heard of Storybrooke until Cora mentions it to him while they’re both at the safe haven in Fairytale Land. (We like saying “Heck, Hook,” FYI.) So it seems that Cora had something to do with shielding him from the curse but why?

And might Cora and Hook have had a romantic relationship? Because anyone who can look at Hook and not want a piece of that, is crazy. (Okay, we know Cora is crazy, but she this would make her crazier than we realized.)

Credit: David Gray/ ABC    

4. Why did Cora kill Lancelot but not Hook?
Killing folks appears to be Cora’s only real pastime, so it’s interesting to note that not only did Cora not kill Hook, but she also knows him quite well. And while Lancelot was too noble for Cora, it’s clear that Hook and Cora must have had some sort of common interest at one time. Either that, or Cora just has a soft spot for a man who wears a lot of silver jewelry.

5. Will Emma, Snow, and Mulan be able to stop Cora and Hook before they get to Storybrooke?
With Cora showing Hook the remains of that wardrobe which is not quite enough magic to get them to Storybrooke we’re thinking that Snow and Emma better get their act together if they want to keep Cora from wreaking all kinds of havoc.

And now that we know she can shapeshift, we’d hate to see what she would do if she makes it back before our ladies do. Then again, shapeshifting would be quite handy with Halloween around the corner.

6. Speaking of which, where the heck were Emma, Snow, and Regina?
Seriously an episode without these three ladies almost doesn’t count, right? Still, we love that David is getting plenty of screentime, since we adored his budding bromance with Gold. And if every episode included a scene with David swinging a pickaxe in a tank top, we would mighty happy campers.

7. Will Ruby turn into a wolf during the next full moon?
We definitely see more Ruby’s wolf tendencies on display this week, as she sniffs Belle’s sweater and is able to use the scent to lead Gold to Moe’s shop. So this makes us wonder if Ruby has her cloak in Storybrooke, which she needed during a full moon in Fairytale Land. And if we were Ruby, we wouldn’t tell everyone about our ability to track people down, or else she’s soon going to be asked to start sniffing a lot of people’s dirty clothes.

8. What would have happened if Belle had indeed crossed the town line, as her father intended?
We know that the Storybrooke residents who cross the town boundary will revert to the identities that they had during the curse, as Sneezy did. (We’ll never forget you, our allergies-inflicted buddy.) But what would that mean for Belle?

We didn’t see much of her during Season 1’s curse, but we assume she would suddenly think of herself as a mental patient, since she was locked in that asylum for the 28-year duration. And what father wouldn’t want that for his daughter? (In other words, Belle’s dad is probably in contention with actor Martin Sheen for the title of “Worst Father Ever.”)

9. So is Dr. Whale in fact Dr. Frankenstein? And does this mean that more characters might return from the dead like the Huntsman?
Judging by the promo for next week, it seems that Whale is Dr. Frankenstein after all, as we see him attempting to bring Daniel back to life. (Just be sure to keep Daniel away from fire.) And this has us salivating about which other characters might come back from the grave, like the Huntsman. We definitely need some Graham in our lives.

10. Why can’t Belle and Rumple just realize that they’re made for each other? Are they idiots or something?
First of all, it’s rude that you called someone an idiot in your question. Very rude indeed. Second, of all: We knoooow, right? Their kinda-sorta breakup was basically devastating, especially given that Rumple opened up to Belle and the end and explained to her about his son and his failings and a father. C’mon, Belle give the poor guy another chance already!

But that burger date definitely leaves the window open for the two of them to reconnect. Come to think of it, is there anything that burgers can’t do? We think not.

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