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The Bachelorette

5 Reasons Jef Holm and Emily Maynard Should Get Back Together

Kittens are weeping, there are no more rainbows in the sky, and boxes of white wine are currently sobbing tears made out of red wine. In other words, Jef Holm and his Bachelorette fiance, Emily Maynard, have broken up and returned their Neil Lane engagement ring to ABC's heaving bosom.

As you might expect, Bachelor Nation is in crisis –– but there's still hope. We've rounded up 5 reasons Jef and Em should get back together for round two. Check it out!

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1. They Had Amazing Chemistry
Did y'all watch Jef and Emily make sweet love with their eyes on The Bachelorette? From the moment Jef rolled up on his skateboard, he and Emily couldn't stop staring at each other –— and need we remind you of the time they made puppet love, Pinocchio style? These two had chemistry up the wazoo, and we can only imagine what their overnight adventures were like. Suffice it to say Emily's inner "hood rat" came out to play, sob — memories!

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2. They Only Gave Their Relationship a Few Months
We know Jef and Emily went through a rough patch what with all the cheating scandals, public scrutiny, and weird Burger King makeout sessions (worries, so many worries), but guys. Come on! These two were only together for about five months before calling it quits — maybe they should have ducked out of the spotlight to get some couple's therapy. We know Chris Harrison is busy, but surely he can find some time in his schedule to dish a few life lessons.

3. They Owe It to Their Viewers
The fans have spoken, and they are not happy. Folks are dissapointed that Jef and Emily have already broken up, and yes — it's shaken their faith in The Bachelorette franchise. Jef and Em have to think of themselves first, but do they owe it to their viewers to try harder? And what was up with them insisting they were in love, only to break up five minutes later? Team Jem has some serious 'splaining to do.

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4. What About Ricki?
Emily was extremely protective of Ricki during The Bachelorette, but nowadays Jef is a huge part of this little lady's life. He even started coaching Ricki's soccer team! We're concerned that The Rickster might be confused about Jef and Em's sudden breakup — should they have tried harder for her sake?

5. We're Currently Curled Up in the Fetal Position, Crying
This title speaks for itself. Must go back to tearing down our shrine and replacing it with wall of tears.