7 Biggest WTF Moments From Revenge Season 2, Episode 4: “Intuition”
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7 Biggest WTF Moments From Revenge Season 2, Episode 4: “Intuition”

This week's nail-biting episode of Revenge was pure perfection. The only thing it lacked was a makeout session between Aiden and Emily, but that's what our dream journal is for duh. However, there were a few WTF moments that had us bitch slapping our TV in confusion and horror, and we've rounded up the top 7 for you to ponder!

7. Uhhhhhh...Victoria Definitely Kinda-Sorta-Almost Murdered Amanda
Look, we know Victoria's guests were busy binge eating petite fours in the "conservatory," but really? No one asked how Amanda managed to flop over the railing and plummet to her doom? As far as we can tell, Victoria is completely off-the-hook for causing Mandy's near-death –– even the doctors are all whatevs about it. Sigh, no wonder people (read: innocent labradores) keep dying in the Hamptons.

6. Why Is Jack Being Conned Out of The Stowaway? It's The Stowaway.
You guys, people just can't get enough of The Stowaway. This grungy, mold-infested dive bar is such a hot commodity that randoms are trying to con Jack into selling it. Yep, that's how much everyone loves this joint. Who knows if it’s the decaying ceilings, the stench of studly despair, or the fact that everyone looks like they've time traveled from 1992, but con men want in on The Stowaway's action. Just go with it.

5. Declan Gives Charlotte His Jacket For No Apparent Reason
Declan is such a gentleman. Gone are the days when he was a wandering lobster thief and professional jewelry mule. Now he's the kinda guy that shows up at the hospital with magically coiffed hair to help out shivering ladies. Because, apparently, hospitals are really cold. That's the only thing we've taken away from Declan shrouding Charlotte with his questionable jacket.

4. Daniel Comes Home, Fails to Notice the Enormous Pile of Blood in His Hallway
Daniel spends most of his time in a beautiful fantasy land filled with turtlenecks and poetry, so it's no wonder that he's slightly dazed and confused. This week, one of the Grayson's house cleaners was in the process of sopping up mass amounts of blood with a sponge, when who should show up but Daniel and Ashley. Both of which failed to notice the fact that their house looked like a crime scene.

3. Daniel Uses The Oldest Calculator Known To Man
Daniel is doing so many important things. Important things like hacking into his dad's PC and fervently punching away at a calculator that was clearly manufactured in the early ‘80s. We know Daniel is too blue-blooded to understand things like technology, but friend. At least use a ‘90s-style Texas Instruments. Have some calculator dignity.

2. The Initiative Is Located in a Desolate Swamp Land
We've been waiting months to find out about The Initiative, and this week we finally had our first glimpse. So what have we learned? The Initiative is located in a murky swamp land and everyone there loves to wear leather. Like, so much leather. Like, Neo in The Matrix leather.

1. Why Didn't Emily Visit Her Mom's Hotel?
At the beginning of this week's episode, Emily forced Aiden to admit that he had met Kara at her hotel. Now, you might think Emily would drive over to said hotel to spy on her mom with a clam cam, but no. Instead she launched a series of extremely complicated mole operations at Grayson manner, which ended up landing Amanda in the hospital. Way to fail at revenging, Em.

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