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Once Upon a Time

“Are You Asking Dating Advice?” Quotes From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 4

The characters on Once Upon a Time might have their hands full with breaking curses and slaying dragons and what not, but that doesn’t mean they’re too busy for a good zinger. We've rounded up the 10 best quotes from this week’s episode, Season 2, Episode 4: “The Crocodile,” including Hook explaining how swords work.

10. Captain Hook [to Milah, about Rumple]: “He’s a tad taller than you’d described.”
But size doesn’t matter, right?

9. David [to Gold, about turning the butcher into a pig]: “I'm beginning to understand why no one wants to help you.”
You turn one person’s father into a pig and suddenly you’re a bad guy? That’s just not fair.

8. Rumple: “Milah, it’s time to go.”
Milah: “Good so go.”
Isn’t married life wonderful?

7. Ruby [watching Gold retrieve Belle’s mine cart]: “That is seriously wow.”
Well said, Ruby.

6. Rumple: “You have my wife.”
Hook: “I’ve had many a man’s wife.”
If Rumple was looking for sympathy, Hook isn’t going to provide it.

Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

5. Gold: “About you and Mary Margaret. How... how does that work?”
David: “Are you asking dating advice?”
Gold: “Of course not no.”
Maybe Gold should try calling Loveline?

4. Hook [about Storybrooke]: “Curious name.”
And yet he doesn’t think that “Captain Hook” is sort of an odd name?

3. Gold [to Belle, about going out on the town]: “Don’t get your hopes up. The nightlife is extremely limited.”
You mean Storybrooke doesn’t have an all-night rave scene?

2. Hook [to Rumple, about how to duel]: “It’s quite simple, really the pointy end goes in the other guy.”
Hook should consider teaching a sword-fighting class.

1. Hook [to Cora, as she holds up the ashes]: “Sparkly dirt. Wonderful.”
Hook isn’t the type to get impressed easily.

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