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Castle vs. Bones: Why Caskett’s Hookup Is Being Handled Better Than Booth and Brennan’s

After years of eye-sexing, Bones' Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) have finally consummated their love and started dating. Thank the sweet Baby Christine, because really? It was about time!

Then again, we have a few concerns. Booth and Brennan had a fabulous dynamic before they got jiggy with it, but there's a certain something missing from their relationship now that they're together.

TV Guide hit the nail on the head by comparing B&B to Castle's Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic), who are also newly 'shipped after seasons of crushing. The difference? The site explores the viewpoint Castle is doing a much better job of keeping the spark alive between its main characters.

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"This season, they're giving fans the very enjoyable payoff they've waited so long for, and it is great fun," TV Guide's Matt Roush writes. "Bones went about this quite differently, and 'shipper' fans will clearly never get over being denied some of those same romantic beats, but to me, it always made sense, especially given the emotionally challenged nature of Bones herself. That said, for me, Castle is the current model for how to play this kind of story."

Bones fans rarely ever get to see the couple in bed together. Castle’s fans see plenty of it. Sure, Castle and Beckett always seem to get interrupted before things really get going. But the fact remains: Their romance is hotter and more visible within the plot than B&B’s has been.

TV Guide also posits that Castle producers seem “much more aware of what the fans want,” and that they may be learning “from what Bones did (or rather, didn't do).” For example: When Castle referred to he and Beckett as “Caskett” during last week’s Season 5, Episode 4: “Murder, He Wrote” — did you fangirl a little? Because we definitely might have. Way to pick up on the fan lingo, Castle. We approve.

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Castle and Beckett’s romance has been front and center in recent episodes. Booth and Brennan have been fighting and experiencing relationship growing pains, but the cute or sexy moments have seemed few and far between.

Hate to say it, but Castle might have this one in the bag. What do you think, gang? Did Castle do a better job dealing with its dynamic duo getting together?

Source: TV Guide

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