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Combat Dry Winter Skin With These Cold-Weather Tricks

The moment Starbucks starts steaming up pumpkin spice lattes is the moment we realize it’s coming: good ol’ winter. And prepping for icy temperatures means much more than simply swapping slinky tanks and tops for tweed sweaters and wooly leggings. We need to think about prepping our skin before it gets cracked and totally unbearable.

To help us wade through the sea of beauty information swirling about, we consulted Self magazine’s 12 Winter Skin Truths and learned of a few tips to try this chilly season.

Slather on the SPF. Don’t ease up on sunscreen in the winter. We may think the sun isn’t as strong when cold weather sets in, and even though UVB rays are slightly weaker, the glare from snow, sidewalks, and buildings can make shorter-wave UVB rays nearly 80 percent stronger. Make SPF 30 (or higher) your best friend no matter the time of year.

You’ve got the light stuff. Thicker moisturizer formulas aren’t always better. According to Self, lighter lotions rely on humectants, rather than heavier petrolatum and lanolin. Humectants help pull moisture into the skin and can give you more of a glow.

Skip the hot baths. A hot bath tends to open the pores, thus allowing any moisture in the skin to evaporate — a no-no for wintertime.

Flakes in the air, not on your shoulder. Contrary to what we think, dandruff is not brought on by colder temps or dryness, it’s caused by a fungus called Malassezia globosa. The reason we tend to notice it more in the winter? Low humidity can dislodge the pesky white flakes from your scalp more easily and our dark, wintry clothes are the perfect canvas for it all. To stop dandruff, go for a shampoo and conditioner with pyrithione zinc or consult your dermatologist.

Read the entire list of Winter Skin Truths at Self.

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10.23.2012 / 11:30 AM EDT by Lauren Mang
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