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Crush Your Worst Cravings With These Healthier Foods

Do you suffer from must-have-sugar-now-ness? For many of us, intense cravings are the downfall of our otherwise über-healthy lifestyles.

You know the drill: You start out the day with yogurt and granola, get in your cardio workout, and take the stairs instead of the escalator. So far, so good, right? Then later that night, by the time you're cuddled up with Grey's Anatomy, a taste of Ben & Jerry's sounds so good — next thing you know, one spoonful turns into a pint.

Instead of denying yourself completely, why not replace the ice cream with something equally delicious, but far more healthy? Women's Health Magazine suggests plain frozen yogurt topped fresh fruit. Froyo contains far less fat and sugar than ice cream, plus lots of filling protein — you’ll even get a nice boost of antioxidants if you top it off with a superfood like blueberries!

If it’s something salty you’re craving, they suggest swapping the usual potato chips or pretzels with nuts, such as pistachios. These little powerhouses contain a more powerful wallop of antioxidants than some other nuts, and having to open up each shell will help ensure that you don’t overdo it.

Those aren’t the only healthy foods that can satisfy diet-derailing cravings — check out the full list here!

Source: Women's Health Magazine

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10.23.2012 / 01:49 AM EDT by Maria Valiente
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