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Exercise Videos We Love: Wake Up Your At-Home Workout

No time to go to the gym between a long day at work and getting dinner situated for the fam? That’s where the trusty at-home workout comes in. But just because you’re exercising in the comfort of home doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing intensity. These are some hard-core workouts! Here's a roundup of four videos (and one book) that will totally kick your butt — in a good way.

Flow and Go with Carrie Campbell
If you're shooting for a graceful, long-and-lean dancer's body, Pilates is where it's at. With a 19-minute running time, this workout with acclaimed instructor Carrie Campbell is the perfect choice for busy moms. Pilates newbie? Start out with Carrie's Wake Up and Go (Beginner Mat Class) instead.

Flow and Go I with Carrie Campbell, $9.99, from

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Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior

Want a great way to get in your "me" relaxation time, a good workout, and your Biggest Loser fix? Try this yoga challenge from trainer Bob Harper. It'll be like being at the ranch, except you won't have to get on that scary gigantic scale at the end.

Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior, $8.35, from Nashville

This aerobics set comes with 14 workouts on 10 DVDs (hence the heftier price tag) that will have you shaking your thang to upbeat music while incorporating elements of kickboxing. Grapevines are a lot more fun when you're pretending to have a dance-off with Justin Timberlake.

Turbofire, $119.70, from

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Everybody's doing it, and this is a case where you should follow the crowd. The concept of "muscle confusion," jumping from different muscle groups and exercises, keeps your body guessing and the fat melting. Burn, baby, burn!
P90X: Tony Horton's 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program, $139.80, from Amazon

Cardio Core 4x4
This 20-minute body blast is ideal for ladies on the go, as it requires no equipment whatsoever — not even a TV! The book details the cardio and core exercises, which you can perform anywhere, including your office.

Cardio Core 4x4, $14.95, from Amazon

Happy sweatin'!

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