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In Defense of Scheduling Sex

Between driving the kids to ballet and soccer, picking up groceries, and fitting in drinks with the girls, who has time for nookie anymore? Well, if you care about the state of your union, you better make some time for adult fun — even if you have to pencil it in.

That’s right, try putting sex on your calendar, just like you do to change your oil and touch up your hair color. While scheduled sex may not feel romantic, doing so doesn’t mean you can’t also have unscheduled sex — just that you are making time for sex then, no matter what.

Still need some spontaneity to get in the mood? The Stir has a better idea to make the whole thing feel slightly less businesslike (unless you're going for the secretary/boss fantasy, of course). Instead of blatantly writing sex on the schedule, plan some alone time together see where the evening takes you. Even if you just end up talking, it's a step up from the ships-passing-in-the-night rut you may have fallen into. But chances are a little wine and conversation could lead to some spontaneous bow-chicka-bow-wow.

Worst case scenario? You're home. With nothing to do. Hello, Top Chef marathon.

Source: The Stir

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10.23.2012 / 04:46 AM EDT by Maria Valiente
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