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Is Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross’s Friendship Coming to an End on Revenge Season 2?

All good things must come to an end, but is the end in sight for Revenge's Emily Thorne and her precious partner in crime, Nolan Ross?

Though we’ve loved learning more about Nolan’s roots and his ambiguous tech company, Nolcorp, we fear it comes with the price of losing the fantastic friendship we witnessed last season.

It seems that Emily’s got a new shoulder to cry (and beat) in the form of one Aiden Mathis. And now that the Nolster’s found a new lady love in Nolcorp CFO Padma Lahari, could this dynamic duo actually be breaking up?

Even before Nolan moved out of Emily’s house, they were spending less time together than they did during Em’s eight-week stint in Japan.

But maybe it’s time for them to follow their own paths and achieve individual success before they can reunite in their quest for a Grayson-free world. At the same time, we’re still hearing cheesy Vitamin C songs playing in the background every time these two are near each other.

What do you think of their relationship this season? Is it the end of an era for Nolan and Emily? Weigh in below!

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