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Kelly Rutherford Teases Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale: “Everyone Ends Up in a Good Place” — Exclusive

It says a lot about Kelly Rutherford that given her crazed schedule — balancing filming the final season of Gossip Girl while spending as much time as possible with her children, who live overseas – she’s still carving out time to help others in need.

On October 18, she was honored at About Face’s 10th Annual Benefit for Domestic Violence Survivors. Esteemed facial and reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono, who every year donates his time and resources repairing the physical damage suffered by victims of domestic abuse, was honored as well.

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Kelly opened up to Wetpaint Entertainment about what the cause means to her…and dished about taping GG’s final episodes!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What attracted you to About Face’s cause?
I think it’s wonderful to help women who have been involved with domestic violence, it’s a fantastic organization and it’s an honor to help.

About Face and Dr. Jacono both work to repair the physical damage of domestic violence. In your opinion, how can that impact the emotional healing?
Unfortunately, the damage is something they’ll always have a memory of it, but I do think repairing themselves on the outside can go a long way towards helping them feel beautiful again on the inside. Day to day, it’s something that can help them keep going.

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On to Gossip Girl! What can you tell us about Lily and Rufus? Do they have a future?
(Smiling coyly) Yes, I think there’s a future there.

What will you miss most about filming the show?
My god. The people I work with. I love them all. All of us, we’re all over each other these days because we know how much we’ll miss each other. I walk up to Blake and I go, I’m smelling your hair again — and we both just laugh.

What’s the latest with Bart?
Well, he and Charles are having their father-son issues. They’re dealing with all that stuff right now. We’ll be seeing that.

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A young kid has been spotted on set. What can you tell us about him? People are speculating he’s Blair and Chuck’s future love child…
Are they really? I hadn’t heard that! All I can say is he’s just this adorable little boy who’s hanging out on set. We feed him candy.

So I guess you can’t say anything, then. Speaking broadly, though, would you say you’re pleased with where everyone’s character winds up in the end?
Yeah I think everyone ends up in a good place.

What else have you been working on?
Well I’ve been developing my website,, for quite a while. So we’re going to have a little bit of a coming out for it. And I’m newly addicted to Pinterest, I’d like to just do that if I could. But we’ll see where the roles take me.

Will you remain based in the East coast?
Preferably. Yes. That’s what I’m hoping for.

10.23.2012 / 01:21 AM EDT by Beth Sobol
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