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The Voice

The Voice Season 3 Battle Rounds 5 Recap: Tough Love and Tougher Choices

Here we are at the the final week of the battle rounds! For the remaining singers, this was their chance to earn a coveted spot in the knockout rounds (Is it just us or are these punny round names are getting more and more vaguely aggressive?).

Tonight’s episode featured one of the last “steals” of the competition. Think you know who pushed their button? Read on to find out!

Danny Rosa vs. Alexis Marceau

First up was second chance sweetie Danny Rosa and New Orleans original Alexis Marceaux. Pairing the two indie free spirits together, coach Cee Lo Green tasked them with fellow reality show contestant Adam Lambert’s "Whataya Want From Me." There’s some motivation for the two hopefuls! Win this singing competition, and your reality show fame may make you big enough for a competing reality show to cover your song! Dream big, kids.

Sure, the producers wanted us to see Daniel as the favorite hipster underdog, insecure with a heart of gold, but with that kind of voice, it’s hard to see why he doesn’t believe in himself more. While they pretended to talk to Alexis for a minute, it really was about grooming Danny, making us feel like the end result was a pretty far gone conclusion.

He’s like Rachel Leigh Cook in “She’s All That,” and it was now time metaphorically take off his glasses and show the audience that he was actually hot this whole time.

The two hit the stage, and we just have to call out Carson Daly’s strange vaguely awkward introductions. Calling Danny the “emotional vocalist from California” makes it seem like we should expect the dude to break into tears mid-performance. Not to say that his turn in the round didn’t get feeling something, because both he and Alexis brought a great energy to the overall battle.

The artists all agreed, with Adam Levine noting that Danny’s singing sounded like he was having a “visceral reaction” to the notes. The other judges went with Alexis, but coach Cee Lo said that Danny’s voice “hurt him in a good way,” and went with the cardigan-happy singer, who incidentally enough did break into tears once offstage. Hmm, we stand corrected, Carson.

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Brandon Mahone vs. Nicole Nelson

Next, we had two of the best vocalists of the blind auditions, Brandon Mahone and Nicole Nelson. And once again, we were faced with the buzzkill of losing one of these ridiculously talented singers. A classic Voice Catch 22.

Coach Adam Levine chose the motown duet, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and even though youngster Brandon was nervous in front of Ms. Mary J., both he and Nicole already sounded concert ready by the piano.

Thankfully before Adam had to make to any tough decisions, we were all treated to the musical stylings of these two, whose voices were perfectly suited for the old school tune. In the end though, Nicole’s controlled vocals won Adam, sending the utterly adorable Brandon (who we thought totes deserved a steal shoutout) back home.

Then there was another rapid fire battle rounds montage! If you blink you may have missed it, so good thing we were paying attention. Team Adam’s Brian Scartocci went up against Loren Allred, with the wedding singer winning out over the single father. Then the former frontman Joe Kirkland bested the reggae happy teen Samuel Mouton. And finally, over in coach Blake Shelton’s corner, the already kind of famous Cassadee Pope moved right on over Ryan Jirovec.

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Devyn Delora vs. Marissa Ann

For Christina Aguilera’s last round, she paired together two of the sweeter looking artists who were actually hiding a rough edge, a fact which the diva coach was all too ready to free. So it made sense she chose En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind,” for Devyn Delora and MarissaAnn, hoping to get the two baby faced singers to dig deep and find their grownup inner voices.

Under the lights, the two pop princesses got a chance to get PG-13 with the R&B song, screeching it out as they climbed the notes and maybe made their parents shift uncomfortably in the audience as they sang about not wanting to be treated like a prostitute. Aww, daddy’s little princess!

Coach Christina was beaming like a proud mama by the end, making us think she clearly saw a bit of herself in the two songstresses, which was no surprise given her epic evolution from a Genie in a Bottle to a Dirrty Fighter. But Christina ultimately went with Devyn over MarissaAnn, leaving the young singer to say her good... Nope, the usually supremely awkward goodbye speech was cut short by coach Blake Shelton who swooped in and used his last steal to save the youngest singer in the competition.

Tomorrow, it’s the final night of the battle rounds, and if we know those NBC producers, they’ve saved the most dramatic performances for last. What did you think of tonight’s performances?

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