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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Klaroline Spoilers: Joseph Morgan Says Everyone Deserves Love

Full disclosure: Some of us at Wetpaint Entertainment boarded the S.S. Klaroline ship long ago. In fact, we threw the original captain overboard and fully set sail into the fiery waters of Original-vampire sex paradiso. (Don’t worry. We have some hardcore Forwood fans, as well.)

Therefore, it goes without saying that this tip from Entertainment Weekly about Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline’s (Candice Accola) relationship makes this a very good day on a certain Vampire Diaries shipping sea.

“We’ll certainly see their relationship,” Joseph said of their arc in Season 4. “But I don’t mean relationship in the sense that they’re dating — but we’ll certainly see the dynamic between them develop.”

And, while he wouldn’t reveal how it will develop, it seems like we’ll be seeing a lot of Klaroline action.

“[The Klaus/Caroline storyline] brings out Klaus’s humanity,” he said. “I love playing the more charming side of him and the scenes with Caroline really allow me to do that. So I hope he has a shot with her. I think everyone deserves love and a second chance.” Aw!

Morgan confessed that the voyage to Klaroline town won’t be simple. “I wonder how much of a compromise he’d have to make in order for her to come around to him and whether he will be able to make that compromise,” he said.

What say you all? Join us aboard the S.S. Klaroline?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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