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Will Kara Wallace Clarke Try to Kill Amanda Clarke?

In last night’s episode of Revenge, our jaws dropped not when Emily Thorne remembered that her mommy not-so-dearest attempted to drown her as a child, but rather when Ems left Amanda’s coma-induced body next to this mad woman.

She already tried to kill baby Amanda, so what’s to stop her from hurting grown-up Fauxmanda? We know that some of you aren’t concerned about Fauxmanda’s fate, but what happens if Kara snaps and pulls the plug on the former stripper?

Although Kara's maternal instinct seemed to kick in when she heard about her "daughter's" accident, we have a feeling she'd prefer that Amanda didn't wake up.

And now that Mama Clarke’s back in the Hamptons for good, she’s set to stir up even more drama. But would she really take her faux-daughter’s life? Or is there more to the drowning story than meets the eye? Tell us your thoughts below!

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