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3 Ways Aiden Mathis’s More Prominent Role on Revenge Will Affect the Show

British actor Barry Sloane recently got some big news his contract was upped to series regular, meaning that his character, Aiden Mathis, isn’t going anywhere in Revenge Season 2. And if the show is renewed (which we all know it will be), he has the chance to continue into Season 3.

While we’re sure that means tea, crumpets, and lots of “brilliants” being thrown around, our minds went straight to how that will affect our favorite show.

We came up with three serious ramifications as a result of Aiden’s new regular role. Check them out below:

1) He’s definitely not the dead body underwater

In the Season 2 premiere we all gasped when the camera panned under the sea to the shipwrecked “Amanda.” Next to Jack Porter’s beloved boat was the arm of a dead (married) man. At first we thought this arm might belong to Aiden, considering he was the main newcomer this season, we now know that can’t be the case.

Barry Sloane’s set to become a season regular starting in Episode 14. That’s also the episode in which show creator Mike Kelley said we’d know the outcome of the shipwreck. They wouldn’t make Barry a season regular only to kill him off in the same episode!

2) Nolan and Emily’s relationship will remain distant — at least for now

Now that Ems has a new (and slightly more permanent) shoulder to cry on, chances are that she won’t be turning to Nolan for help or guidance as often. We kind of hope that they’ll become the Three Musketeers of revenging, but with Padma in the picture, we have a feeling that our favorite dynamic duo, Nemily, could be growing apart.

3) Conrad’s first family might be held for a bit longer

As we originally reported back in September, show creator Mike Kelley decided to hold off introducing the character of Daniel Grayson’s half brother in favor of focusing on Aiden’s storyline. The son of Conrad from his first marriage was set to be a potential love interest for Emily Thorne and to cause Daniel some major drama. But since Aiden’s set to become a regular, chances are that Mike will hold off on this character for even longer.

Are you excited to see more of Aiden? Weigh in below!

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10.24.2012 / 11:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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