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The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation Relationship Twitpics: From Lovey Dovey to Dunzo

What a difference a few weeks make, right? ;

Ben & Courtney. Emily & Jef. Tony & Blakeley. One minute they seemed blissfully happy and the next, they were donezo. If these last few Bachelor Town breakups threw you for a loop, you’re not alone. In fact, gauging from the happy couple pics on their respective Instagram accounts—sometimes mere days before the axe fell—“sudden” is kind of an understatement. It just goes to show you that while pictures may speak a thousand words, they can also be plenty deceiving.

With these most recent breakups, we’re also noticing a lot of our newly single bachelors and bachelorettes posting affirmations to Instagram (Instagraffirmations?) Is this a thing now?

Scroll through to see some of their final pics together—and the ways they’re telling themselves it’s aaaallll gonna be okay.