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The X Factor

Best Quotes From X Factor 2012 Judges’ Cuts: “This Is The Climax of My Life”

Remember when the Dark Mark settled over Hogwarts and everyone was like "OMG, where are you, The Boy Who Lived?" Well, The Planet X (you know, the one that is careening around the atmosphere) is kind of like The Dark Mark, Britney Spears is The Boy Who Lived, and Simon Cowell is He Who Must Not Be Named. In other words, The X Factor is a seven-part epic full of magic and hormonal teenagers. We've rounded up the top 10 quotes from episode 11 for you to look back on!

And yes, L.A. Reid is Dobby.

10. Nick Youngerman makes us feel sad inside: "I don't want to be known as the rapping toilet cleaner for the rest of my life."
He's going to rue the day he uttered that sentence.

9. Jennel real talks: "I don't have a job anymore. I don't go to school anymore."
Um, please send girlfriend care packages at 1234 We're So Worried Lane.

8. Emblem3 dude describes talking to Simon: "Every single time I get another chest hair."
So, three chest hairs total, then?

7. Britney delivers the ultimate sentence: "I'm about to tell them their fate."
Death-by-tear-drowning, obvs.

6. David Correy gives up on life: "Part of me is going to die."
Hopefully, his fedora.

5. A concerned mom breaks onto set: "You need a bag?"
That's how often people throw up on this show.

4. Britney tries to pay a compliment: "You look very charming."
So close, girl. So close.

3. Reed makes words: "This is the climax of my life."
That's what she said.

2. L.A. Reid speaks, manages not to fall asleep: "It's judgement day."
Everyone will be smited, no exceptions.

1. Tara gets realer than we're comfortable with: "I've been hustling my entire life for this."
Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

10.24.2012 / 08:09 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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