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Bones’s Booth and Brennan as Adorable Action Figures! Check Out This Fan-Made Memorabilia

There are 5 types of Bones fans.

1. People who watch Bones every week.
2. People who dress up as Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) for halloween.
3. People who build shrines (you know who you are).
4. People who troll the FOX lot in the hopes of meeting David Boreanaz.
5. People who spend their free time making Bones action figures.

Oh, and speaking of action figures, check out these bad boys! This adorable Booth and Brennan set were made by a Bones super-fan and given to writer/producer, Dean Lopata, who tweeted "#Bones fans #BestFans A Million Thanks to@april30lin for my new favorite action figures!"

Aren't these little guys the cutest? Hopefully FOX will jump on them so you can buy your very own set!

Source: Twitter

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